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The Eyes Have it

I hope you find your time here well spent

I'm Ron van Tilburg, a.k.a rivit or rivitoz, from Sydney, Australia.

Born in New Zealand in 1954, I lived in Holland, the place of my forebears, for 11 years before coming to Australia in 1988.

By exploring this site you’ll learn a bit about me, and many of the things I like and do that keep me interested and occupied. The site keeps changing as I dig into new things.

My wish is that what you find here is stimulating to you. Sharing my creations gives me pleasure in life, and for me expresses the essential character of the Web. In the end its value is in the mind of the beholder, yours.

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van Tilburgs have scattered themselves around the globe over the course of a few centuries. A couple of them have even become world famous. Notwithstanding, I'm aware of only 3 or 4 other van Tilburg strains (numbering about 200 people) here down under in Australia and New Zealand. As far as we know we are not related.