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No post charges for orders within Australia. $5 to New Zealand. Excluding vinyls and where specified.

5:45 (Ger) "Notwehr" CD ($15) / ($10)
Raw and hateful NS black metal. 2008 Full length album released on Galgenstrang Productions and limited to 1000 copies.

Aasgard (Greece) "Nyx" MCD ($10) / ($7)
Raw black metal, 4 new hymns of hate the old way as it should be! Heaven Ablaze Records release, limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. Full track for download / Info on the releases page. Prices are post paid worldwide.

Abigail / Ironfist / Deiphago (Jap/Sgp/Phil) "Holocaustik Metal Sexxxekution Whoreslaughters" CD ($15) / ($10)
3 way split cd of perverted black thrash metal. Released on Slava Productions, limited and handnumbered to 666 copies.

Absurd (Ger) "Raubritter / Grimmige Volksmusik" CD ($25) / ($15)
Imported European edition released on Darker than Black / Nebelklang Records.

Absurd / Sigrblot / Grand Belial's Key (Ger / USA) "Weltenfeind" CD ($24) / ($17)
Split album with 4 exclusive tracks from each band. Hand-numbered edition released on The Shitagogue Records.

Ad Hominem (Fra) "Theory 0" MCD ($12) / ($8)
New MCD from great black metal band Ad Hominem, contains a video clip. Released on AvanteGarde Music limited to 1000 copies.

Amesoeurs (Fra) "Amesoeurs" CD ($25) / ($18)
Super jewel box (case) edition released on Code 666 Records. "A Kaleidoscopic vision of the Modern Era." Coldwave / Black Metal project from Neige of Peste Noire & Alcest. Price does not include post charges, post can be reduced with an order of other items

Amnion (Spa) "Cryptic Wanderings" CD ($13) / ($9)
Black Metal with members of Empty. "After many years of doubts, wanderings and desolation, the Crypt has opened releasing the funerary hymns sung by the Dead, bringing with them the old breath of the Cryptic and Unholy Black Metal. Feelings, fallen into oblivion and rescued from the river of the Dead thath perished in the middle of the 90s. A step closer towards a darker atmosphere than previous works, followed by hard and Evil prophetic lyrics." Released on Oniric Records.

Amystery (Ger) "Grim Satanic Blessing" CD ($15) / ($10)
Raw black metal, 2nd and latest full length album released on Pestilence Records. Recommended.

Anal Vomit (Peru) "Depravation" CD ($14) / ($9)
Latest full length of black death released on From Beyond Productions.

Ancientblood (Bra) "The Profane Hymns of the Sovereign Darkness" MCD ($11) / ($7)
The 2002 black metal demo now available on CD format from Black Hate Productions.

Andras (Ger) "...Of Old Wisdom" CD ($17) / ($11)
Melodic Pagan Black Metal. 2005 album released on Perverted Taste. Andras featured ex-Moonblood member Occulta Mors.

Antaeus (Fra) "Blood Libels" Digi CD ($25) / ($17)
Fast and brutal satanic Black Metal. 3rd full length album. Released on The Ajna Offensive licensed from Norma Evangelium Diaboli. Digipak edition has some deluxe spot gloss printing and a booklet which includes some fancy "onion-skin" paper.

Aosoth (Fra) "Aosoth" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Aosoth has been active since 2002 and have released two splits until this date. Their debut album is finally at hand and doesn't stray away from the path that the band has set with their previous releases. Black Metal with the same qualities that can be found in Hell Militia, Craft and Antaeus. MkM of Antaeus handles the vocal performance perfectly as he preaches the Psalms of Aosoth forth. Bst - also main man behind Balrog really makes this album stand out from the rest of the crowd with his perfected musicanship. One of the best French Black Metal bands at this moment, and this full-lengther proves just that." Mp3 Sample

Apati (Swe) "Eufori" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Debut full-lengther from this Swedish entity. Music fueled by melancholy and subjects surrounding the bitter nectar of life, the downward spiral is ever so present in this work of EUFORI (Euphoria). One of the more interesting new and rising bands from Sweden. So reach for your inner anticlimax and pull these faceless buildings to the ground and make sure to never reach that star above, nurture this state of total apathy and face APATI." Mp3 Sample

Aphotic (USA) "Under veil of Dark" MCD ($10) / ($7)
Something different than the usual stocked titles, Aphotic play dark atmospheric Death/Doom. Slim cardboard presentation.

Apraxia (Belarus) "Hymns of Dark Forests" CD ($12) / ($8)
Russian Folk Black Metal in the vein of Nokturnal Mortum and Temnozor. Released on Ewiges Eis Records and limited to 1000 copies.

Arkha Sva (Jap) "Mikama Isaro Mada" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Easily the most promising Black Metal band from Japan at this moment. The dedication behind this band is easy to spot through their creation of the first two early demos. On this CD you will find both Rekonquista and Hymne previously only released on tape format. The atmosphere kept on these two demos is in the same league as the classic Belketre and Mütiilation demos." Mp3 Sample

Armaggedon / Kriegsgott (Fra / Pol) "Gathered Under The Flame Of Ancient Wisdom" Split DigiCD ($20) / ($13)
Raw Totalitarian Black Metal. Released on 7 Gates of Hell, limited to 500 copies. A special metal-case edition is available directly from 7 Gates of Hell found on the links page. Highly Recommended!

Aska (Swe) "Där Vanvett Gror" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Debut full-lengther from Aska. After one demo and two splits mainman Pisk of Aska unleashes his most punishing work to date. With lyrics working around drug abuse and hatred fueled together with a violent production and sound, makes this the most complete Aska recording to date. This is not aimed to please your ears, you will not feel good when listening to this macabre and twisted journey into Pisk's tormented mind, there's only agony and hatred to be found here." Mp3 Sample

Askival (UK) "Eternity" CD ($20) / ($15)
Pagan / Folk Black Metal. Released on Abyss Records in 2009 licensed from Darker than Black Records.

Atomizer (Aus) "Caustic Music for the Spiritually Bankrupt" 2CD ($25) / ($17)
Black / Thrash Metal. Double CD packaged in a deluxe 12" Gatefold LP jacket and a large 20 page 12" booklet. The Bonus CD contains 21 tracks of unreleased and rehearsal tracks aswell as tracks from long sold out 7" EP's. Released on Hells Headbangers Records in a limited edition of 500 copies. Highly Recommended! Price does not include post charges, post can be reduced with an order of other items

Avenger (Cze) "Godless" CD ($12) / ($8)

Axis of Advance (Can) "Obey" CD ($18) / ($12)
Couple of copies back in stock of this great Death/Black Metal album with members of Revenge, Conqueror, Sacramentary Abolishment. Released on Red Stream Records.

Azaghal (Fin) "Codex Antitheus" CD ($15) / ($10)

Barbarity (Rus) "The Wish to Bleed" CD ($5) / ($4)
Death metal played the old way, not a fan myself of this style of death metal but it may interest some. Released on More Hate Productions.

Bergraven (Swe) "Dödsvisioner" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Visions of Death - A deep plunge into the forgiving hands of death. Dödsvisioner was evoked through three weeks of recording in the infamous Necromorbus Studios. Mannevond of Koldbrann / Urgehal flow in from Norway to record guest vocals for one track and P. of Nominon / In Aeternum filled the set as a session drummer for this cold gaze into the eyes of the dead. All components luckily worked in perfect symbiosis and delievered one of the darkest and most promising full-lengthers from our Swedish soils in the most recent years. An album that will keep your attention peaked from the start to the finish with all its twists and turns. Dark Metal at its finest. A proof that there's still individuals who tries to walk a path of their own. Comes printed in the the most expensive paper stock that I have used to this date for the best possible result. Twelve page booklet, full lyrics. All in all a massive presentation that shouldn't and mustn't be missed out on." Mp3 Sample

Bestial Mockery (Swe) "Gospel of the Insane" CD ($24) / ($18)
Raw and brutal blackened death/thrash metal! 3rd Full length released in 2006 on Osmose Productions.

Bewitched (Chl) "Unveiling Zion: The Mother's Return" CD ($18) / ($12)
2005 Full length released on Conquistador Records.

Blacklodge (Fra) "Solar Kult" CD ($24) / ($17)
Industrial / Black Metal 2006 Full length album released on End All Life Productions.

Blasphemy (Can) "Gods of War + Blood Upon the Altar" Digi CD ($24) / ($18)
Digipak format with Blood Upon the Altar demo as bonus. Essential album. Released on Osmose Productions.

Blood Red Fog / Funerary Bell (Fin) Split MCD ($18) / ($12)
Excellent black metal from both bands. Released on Obscure Abhorrence Productions.

Bosque (Por) "Passage" CD ($18) / ($12) THR
"Funeral Doom of the highest order. The sermon you will hear through this recording will portray a haunting and mournful presence - with emphasis on atmosphere. The void and the erasure. Negativity. Emptiness. Nothingness. Oblivion. Despair - Bliss. Poured and moulded into the perfect state for this final passage." Mp3 Sample

Brumalis (USA) "Furore Normannorum" CD ($15) / ($10)
USA Ideological Anthemic Wrath in the form of harsh and grim Heathen / War Metal. Released on Bestial Burst Productions.

Church Bizarre (Den) "Sic Luceat Lux" CD ($22) / ($16)
"The final death breath from the temple of Church Bizarre. This deluxe 32 track double CD set includes all recorded demo and EP material to date as well as tons of bonus material. Good sounding live tracks, unreleased Nunslaughter cover and rehearsal demos for the second and never recorded album - it's all included here along with a few other surprises (does NOT include their debut album "Sinister Glorification"). Comes in high quality packaging and includes tons of photos from all eras of Church Bizarre. A fucking massive overdose of Bizarre, catchy, filthy and fucking Evil black/death metal with a vengeance! "From the river of Styx to the womb of judgement". Booklet features a nice metallic silver foil stamping." Released on Hells Headbangers Records.

Corpus Christii (Por) "Rising" CD ($15) / ($10)
Excellent Satanic Black Metal, Latest full length released on Moribund Records.

Crimson (Aus) "Fading" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Grief, solitude and autumn skies in crimson blossom. The music of Crimson is like well written poetry. You should let it speak for itself, there's no words to fully describe this work. Melancholia lingers in perfect harmony with this soothing and acoustic creation. Music to detach from this plane of existence. Dreams to dust. Reality ablaze. Crimson awakes. Fading." Mp3 Sample

Crimson Moon (USA) "Under the Serpentine Spell" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"XI spells of true occultic Black Metal running over 70 mins in length!! Includes the "Veins of Immortality II" bonus track!! After 7 long years, this cult underground rehearsal from 1997 finally gets an official release. Re-mixed & Re-mastered with nothing altered or added. The final version of "Under the Serpentine Spell" sounds as close to the originals, and more complete than any of the bootlegs and dubs that have been circulating throughout the underground scene for the last few years. This is the regular CD edition!" Mp3 Sample

Dark Fury (Pol) "Fortress of Eagles" CD ($15) / ($10)
Released by Under the Sign of Garazel Productions and True Underground Productions.

Deathspell Omega (Fra) "Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice" CD ($25) / ($17)
2004 Full length released on Norma Evangelium Diaboli.

Deathspell Omega (Fra) "Kenose" Digi CD ($24) / ($17)
2005 EP Released on The Ajna Offensive licensed from Norma Evangelium Diaboli. Contains a 40 page booklet.

Deathspell Omega (Fra) "Fas - Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum" Digi CD ($24) / ($16)
"The mighty Deathspell Omega returns. Their first release of new material since 2005's 'Kenose', 'Fas – Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternvm' is conceptually the direct successor of "Si Monvmentvm Reqvires, Circvmspice". It is centred on the notion of divine will, on the seed of perdition that is ontologically a part of Man and therefore of immanent judgement. Musically, it is a very dense album of a technical nature, where violence and dissonance blend into a merciless result, of such nature that it literally kills hope." Released on The Ajna Offensive licensed from Norma Evangelium Diaboli.

Deathspell Omega (Fra) "Veritas Diaboli Manet in Aeternum: Chaining the Katechon" Digi MCD ($20) / ($14)
22 Minute single track 2008 EP released on The Ajna Offensive licensed from Norma Evangelium Diaboli. The vinyl edition was released as a split LP with S.V.E.S.T and is also available.

Destroyer 666 (Aus) "Terror Abraxus" MCD ($26) / ($18)
Thrash/Black Metal. 2003 EP with 5 tracks and 22 minute runtime. Released on Iron Pegasus Records.

Destroyer 666 (Aus) "Defiance" Digi CD ($21) / ($16)
Black / Thrash Metal, excellent new 2009 full length album in digipak format, contains a 12 page booklet including lyrics and a sticker. Released on Season of Mist. Highly Recommended!

Dolentia / Tumulum (Por) "Da Terra Que Comungamos" CD ($15) / ($12)
More great bands from Portugal. Both bands play raw, fast and hateful black metal. Released on Bubonic Plague Productions July 2009 in 500 copies. Recommended.

Drowning the Light (Aus) "A World Long Dead +Vampyric Winter" CD ($20) / ($13)
2006 Full length re-released in 1000 copies on Obscure Abhorrence Productions with Vampyric Winter EP as bonus. Highly Recommended!

Drowning the Light (Aus) "Ritual of Intolerance and Hatred" CD-R ($10) / ($7)
A couple of copies left available only, 2007 rehearsal recording limited to 200 copies on CD-R, LP edition to be released on Zyklon B Productions.

Drowning the Light (Aus) "The Blood of the Ancients" CD ($15) / ($10) TEMP N/A
"The first full length written & recorded in 2008 by this cult Australian black metal entity. The Blood of the Ancients will take you through journeys of melancholy, hatred & glory! By far the bands best work to date! Raw, Melancholic yet Epic black metal!" Released on Dark Adversary Productions and Werewolf Records. Vinyl edition also in stock.

Eindig (Nl) "Doodschrift" CD ($15) / ($10)
Depressive black metal, 2008 full length. Released on Galgenstrang Productions and limited to 1000 copies. Highly Recommended!

Eternum (Aus) "An Ode to Our Fallen" CD ($15) / ($11)
Graveland style epic black metal from this mysterious Australian band, an ode to our fallen ancestors and their memories. Released on Dark Adversary Productions. Recommended.

Forgotten Winter (Por) "Dialectica Transcendental" CD ($15) / ($10)
2009 Full length album released on Nordsturm Productions. Ambient / Black metal.

Forgotten Woods (Nor) "Sjel Av Natten" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Truely one of Norways strongest Black Metal hordes and also one of those bands which has been an influence for several of bands. And for a very good reason. They have always had their own formula of making the Blackest of atmospheres come to life through their music. This album was released on a MCD in 1995 and has been sold out since a very long time. To honour this forgotten album I together with Forgotten Woods did plans for a re-issue which now is at hand. Featured on this album is the three original tracks as well as two previously unheard tracks which are taken from rehearsal tracks that has only been in the hands of the band previous to this. So no matter if you have the original copy of this or not, it's sure a worthy addition. The album comes also with totally reworked layout in a luxurious fold out booklet. Nothing more to add here really, a Black Metal classic that should not be overlooked." Mp3 Sample

Forgotten Woods (Nor) "Race of Cain" DigiBook CD ($25) / ($17)
The new album after more than 10 years since the previous full length The Curse of Mankind. Grim and raw black metal, Released on Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation in a luxurious 24 page collector DigiBook edition.

Foudre Noire (Fin) "The Dark Gods" CD ($24) / ($16)
Brilliant black metal project from Finland/England with Shatraug from Horna. 2 songs with a playing time of 38 minutes. Released on Obscure Abhorrence Productions.

Funeral Mist (Swe) "Devilry" CD ($22) / ($14)
The 1998 EP released on CD format with bonus "Havoc" demo. Released on The Ajna Offensive licensed from Norma Evangelium Diaboli.

Funeral Mist (Swe) "Salvation" CD ($24) / ($16)
Great debut orthodox black metal album. Runtime of over 1 hour. Recorded in 2001, released in 2003. Licensed to The Ajna Offensive from Norma Evangelium Diaboli. Highly Recommended!

Funeral Mist (Swe) "Maranatha" CD ($25) / ($17)
Latest album, 2nd full length 5 years after "Salvation". Released on The Ajna Offensive licensed from Norma Evangelium Diaboli. DLP edition also available.

Funeral Winds (Nl) "Nexion Xul: The Cursed Bloodline" CD ($15) / ($10)
3rd and latest full length from this cult old school black metal band, Released on Sadulust Productions.

Funereal Moon (Mex) "Beneath the Cursed Light of a Spectral Moon" Slipcase CD ($15) / ($11)
Cold and Grim Ambient / Black Metal. 1996 full length released on Guttural Records. Slipcase CD edition.

Gloria Diaboli (Can) "Gate to Sheol" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Flesh awakens to the touch of an omniscient spirit. What are the fallacies of man, the wounds that never heal? Every breath opens the gates to everlasting judgement... and thus, the path to redemption is a singular one - the way of the Lord. GLORIA DIABOLI exists in pure servitude and surrender to the Devil. No obligation is greater, no sacrifice unsubstantiated in order to serve Him... in every imaginable prospect. Join us, and embrace His poison. With these opening words from Gloria Diaboli I give you the main musician / devotee from ex-Godless North who has passed on the chalice of poison and formed Gloria Diaboli. A masterful debut for anyone who has a taste for a totally untraditional approach of Orthodox BlacK Metal. Mastered under the supervision of Necromorbus Studios. Also the two tracks from Gloria Diaboli's first EP 7" (sold out) is added onto this disc. Full lyrics inside the booklet. Limited to 1000 copies, and only available for any NON-US / S.A customer. The US version of this disc will be released by BattleKommandRecords." Mp3 Sample

Goatfire (Ita) "Sacrophobic Initiation" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Goatfire returns here with the highly claimed LP "Sacrophobic Initiation" that was released in 2001 by Sombre Records. High caliber black metal, with a perfectly crafted sound. On this CD you will also find "The fifth Fulmination" which was released on an 7" EP in 1999. A pure classic of Italian Black Metal!! Goatfire has now reformed again after years of inactivity! And will bring out new material soon, before embarking on their new works, this is the best of their legacy to check out!" Mp3 Sample

Grenade (Aus) "The Howling Damned" CD ($17) / ($11)
Excellent Australian thrash black metal. Contains 4 brand new studio songs and the tracks from the 2 sold out 7" releases "Venom of God" and "Hellsong". Released on Hells Headbangers Records.

Grim Funeral (Spa) "A Grim Funeral to the soul of this world" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"The lament of Grim Funeral has been unearthed. After two successful split albums and a long period of silence I proudly present this over an hour long debut album. An embrace of desolation engulfs the last dying breath of mankind. There are many contenders to the throne, but none that has made such a clear mark with his own sound and distinctive personality. The foremost Funeral Black Metal album that has been spat up on this foul earth. Hang your head low and let death speak for itself. The sermon has begun." Mp3 Sample

Hammemit (UK) "Spires over the Burial Womb" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Here is the debut album from what is being described as the new phase for EMIT. HAMMEMIT is the new recording moniker for infamous UK black-noise/ambient figure U.I./Malachi, with additional members. Spires Over the Burial Womb continue the atmosphere found on some of the last (perhaps transitional) Emit recordings (Mother of Blood for example). Deeply mysterious with a heavy religious influence. Subtle ambience, a suitable soundtrack for complete isolation in a variety of locations, certainly ancient english ruins. 8 page colour booklet, with texts for each song." Mp3 Sample

Havohej (USA) "Dethrone the Son of God" CD ($20) / ($13)
"Without a doubt one of the most significant Black Metal releases ever!!! The debut full length CD "Dethrone The Son Of God" was recorded as a tribute to the mighty PROFANATICA. It features what some consider to be the best versions of many of PROFANATICA's classic blasphemies as well as a few newer tracks that had never been recorded before this release. This re-issue has reworked booklet and tray card artwork that by far rivals the original." Released on Hells Headbangers Records.

Havohej (USA) "Man and Jinn" CD ($19) / ($15)
Few copies available of the original pressing released on Necroscope productions. Short CD with a runtime of less than 10 minutes but some great Havohej material makes it well worth the full length price.

Havohej (USA) "Kembatinan Premaster" CD ($19) / ($15)
"The second full-length album is now complete! Deemed to be the grand master of unholy darkness and black perversion, "Kembatinan Premaster" destroys all past work & is the definite Havohej ritual to be observed by ALL devotees of the genre. Easily the ultimate contender on the bestial black throne of metal to deliver such complete utter fucking darkness so very few can capture. "Kembatinan Premaster" is a single meditation consisting of 8 parts in 37 minutes of total fucking blackness with acclaimed black vocal vomits and signature style profanatic percussion. This is the continuation of the now classic Ledney atrocities committed in 1993 and yet again breaking major ground 16 years later" Released on Hells Headbangers Records in July 2009, Highly Recommended!

Hekel (Hol) "De Dodenvaart" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Debut full-lengther from this Dutch horde. High caliber Black Metal, recorded and mastered by Hellchrist Xul (Funeral Winds, Infinity & Haatstrijd) in Necromanteion Studio. Painfully performed vocals, in a totally and unique style, a dark aura absorbs this whole recording." Mp3 Sample

Hellvetic Frost (Switzerland) "Misanthropic Devotion" CD ($15) / ($10)
Raw and fast Black Metal, 2007 Full length released on Art of Propaganda Records early 2008.

Heresi (Swe) "Psalm I" MCD ($15) / ($9) THR
"A religious manifest preaching for the failure of mankind, hand in hand with the Devil's most potent way of manifesting his dogmas, the audial needle in your spinal cord. The cold hearted stab in your unprotected neck. The laughter at your failure. Three tracks of absolute jet black devotion." Mp3 Sample

Heresi (Swe) "Infusco Ignis (Psalm I.I)" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Latest offering from Skamfer of Heresi. This being the debut full-lengther of Heresi. If you found the previous MINI-CD worthy of your attention this will be of your interest. Crafted with a powerful production and a top notch musicanship, recorded in Necromorbus studios. The album comes with artwork of Wrest of Leviathan, 8-page booklet with gold details and full lyrics in Swedish." Mp3 Sample

Hilderog (Ice) "66,6° Nord" DigiCD ($15) / ($10)
"After two demos (2002 and 2004) on FWP, HILDEROG now unleashes their first album! Cold, raw and disincarnated Black Metal!!" Released on Forgotten Wisdom Productions limited to 1000 copies.

Hills of Sefiroth (USA) "Fly high the hated black flag" CD ($12) / ($8)

Holmgang (Den) "Gengangerens Kvad" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Finally! three years after the DEBUT album of Holmgang the new album is ready and available. We are once more assaulted with fine musicanship and freezing cold Black Metal fueled with both epic and aggressive parts, all carefully blended to perfection. Ynleborgaz (Angantyr, Make a change... Kill yourself, Zahrim etc...) and his crew has really topped themselves with this new album, there's also Violinst who performs on the album. For fans of Nordic branded Black Metal full of furious aggression and impressive musicanship look no further. This is the finest moment of Holmgang. Strictly limited to 1000 units." Mp3 Sample

Holocaustia (Swe) "The Sacrament Seed" MCD ($10) / ($7)
Black/Thrash Metal. Released on Unholy Horde Records. Mp3 Sample

Holokaust Nachtigall (Ger) "In the ashes of the Promised Land" CD ($15) / ($10)
Raw black metal. Limited to 500 copies. Released on Galgenstrang Productions.

Horned Almighty (Den) "Contaminating the Divine" CD ($24) / ($18)
"After 3 years Horned Almigthy return back with a new album! Great black/thrash metal from Denmark with a big production and songs that destroy your mind." Released on Obscure Abhorrence Productions. Mp3 Sample

Hypothermia (Swe) "Rakbladsvalsen" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"You cannot accuse Kim of Hypothermia for not being prolific. But don't let his recent high ammount of releases shadow the fact that the progression within Hypothermia is steadily evolving, his flood of creativity is not to be held back, it is to be supported. This, his latest masterpiece is a slow and trance-inducing journey into wide open wounds and crimson red poetry. Black Metal forged in blood and decadence. This is nothing less then music for your funeral to come."

Infestus / Lost Life (Ger) Split CD ($15) / ($10)
4 Tracks from Infestus and 5 from Lost life. Runtime of just over 48 minutes. Released in 2006 on Fullmoon Funeral Productions.

Infinity (Hol) "Enter thy Labyrinth of Hell" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"The new opus of Infinity. Strong musicanship and a potent and explosive production is what greets you on this album. Balgradon Xul of Funeral Winds is the driving force behind this horde, teamed up with Andras & Quasar. The band takes a new step on to be the leading Black Metal band from Holland with this album. The entire album was recorded during August & September of 2005 in Vortex Studio. 8 tracks and over 45 minute of Black Metal. Gatefold vinyl version will be released by Obscure Abhorrence Productions. Black Metal is Intolerance!" Mp3 Sample

Inkisitor (Fra) "Inkisitor" CD ($24) / ($18)
Raw Black Metal. The tracks taken from the S/T 7" EP and split with S.V.E.S.T released as a CD edition on Osmose Productions in 2009.

Inverno Eterno (Por) "Póstumo" CD ($15) / ($12)
Excellent debut 2008 full length of depressive raw black Metal. Released on Bubonic Plague Productions in 500 copies. Highly Recommended!

IXXI (Swe) "IXXI" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"IXXI's debut is finally ready to rape your mind. This band features Acerbus (Ondskapt), Nattdal (Dimhymn), Totalscorn (Zavorash) and two other musicians. In July 2006 the band entered Endarker Studios in Sweden to record their debut CD. The result which came out of this session was nothing less then a dirty piece of Black 'N Roll with a truly effective production, all supervised by Devo of Marduk. Their debut CD is now finally available from THR SWEDEN. The album also comes with a professionally made music video." Mp3 Sample

IXXI (Swe) "Assorted Armament" CD ($21) / ($15)
"THE 19th century echoes the gloom of our faltering golden age, degeneration flourishes in protective illusions where symptoms made gods unto causes. Anything more elevated is evil and thus a source of real pride. The second IXXI album is now at hand, bearing Eleven Blades of Darkness. Witness the repulsive and macabre resound of Black Metal." Comes with a 12 page booklet including lyrics. Recommended.

Judas Iscariot (USA) "To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding" CD ($26) / ($19)
Raw and hateful black metal, Judas Iscariot's 7th and final full length from 2002 released on Red Stream Records.

Kafan (Lebanon) "Injecting Evil in Thy Veins" MCD ($12) / ($8)
Slow, primitive raw black metal from the middle east, the demo from 2003 re-released on Full Moon Productions on CD format in 2006. Contains the original 3 demo tracks and a remix for the FMP release.

Kathaaria (Ger) "The Complex Void of Negativity" Digi CD ($25) / ($17)
"The debut album of german Kathaaria is an achievement. In days during which debut albums are released like mere demos, Kathaaria have pushed their artistic vision to the extreme, reaching a kind of perfectionism that many elder bands would dream about. Undoubtedly dwelling within the shadows of Black Metal, Kathaaria go far beyond with intricate compositions that may sometimes remind of weirdos Ved Buens Ende on a brutal trip. The guitarplaying, all in subtle chords and disturbing harmonies is incredibly talented. The musical visions summoned herein are bleak yet hypnotising, leaving no other issue than to return, again and again, confronting oneself with the many layers of a very profound record." Released on End All Life Productions.

Katharsis (Ger) "Kruzifixxion" CD ($24) / ($17)
Raw & fast satanic black metal, The excellent 2003 full length released on Norma Evangelium Diaboli.

Katharsis (Ger) "WorldWithoutEnd" CD ($23) / ($15)
Raw black metal, 2006 full length album. Released on The Ajna Offensive licensed from Norma Evangelium Diaboli.

Katharsis (Ger) "Fourth Reich" CD ($24) / ($17)
"Black Metal gods Katharsis return in full rotten splendour with a 45 minutes long recording. While the song-writing retains the main ill characteristics of previous full-length VVORLDVVITHOUTEND, the extensive song structures operate as hypnotizing and lethal labyrinths, the murderous and brutal riffing is enhanced by a frontal opposition with a rare and genuine mastery of sheer black magic atmospheres." Latest 2009 full length released on Norma Evangelium Diaboli, Katharsis's fourth and best album to date. Vinyl edition also in stock. Highly Recommended!

Khors (Ukr) "Cold Ways" DVD ($15) / ($10)
Live show recorded in Hot Jam Club, Lugansk, Ukraine 7.11.2007. Bonus tracks recorded live in Relax Club, Moscow, Russia 2.02.2008. Released on Eclectic Productions.

Kill (Swe) "Inverted Funeral" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"After years of wait the new masterpiece from KILL is at hands. The stench of blood is in the air, darkness descends and the corpses are dangling from the trees. Raw and hateful Black Metal is what we are offered here and it's served COLD. KILL is actually one of the few bands these days that actually takes use of the underused BASS guitar. Vocals are performed by the vocalist of Church Bizarre and he does a great work. All exclusive artwork done by THE BEING (HAATSTRIJD). Everything is printed on rough/thick textured paper for the best result." Mp3 Sample

Korihor / Maniac (Phil) "From Death... Rising!" CD ($12) / ($8)
Split CD of Phillipines raw black metal bands, latest release on Deathrash Armageddon Records limited to 1000 copies.

Lascowiec (USA) "Asgard Mysteries" CD ($13) / ($9)
A collection of the first 2 demos, Gesamkunstwerk & Gunshots ring out over Vinland Streets aswell as 4 bonus tracks, total runtime of 65 minutes, limited edition of 1000 copies on Dark Hidden Productions.

Legion of Sadism (Ger) "The Strongest force of Hell" CD ($15) / ($10)
Black Metal. Self released by the band in 2003, now on Christhunt Productions.

Lifelover (Swe) "Pulver" CD ($24) / ($18)
The debut album originally released in a limited edition on Goatowarex, available again re-issued by Osmose productions, released in 2009. Highly Recommended!

Lifelover (Swe) "Erotik" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"The last year we were greeted by the presence of "Pulver", the debut album of Lifelover. A band that got my attention like none other. Lifelover's personal expression through their music, was like none other that I have encountered during my countless of years dealing with Black Metal (in general). So it was a breeze of fresh (putrid) air that lingered through the room when I heard their music. "Erotik" picks up where "Pulver" left us. And it's a work that takes all the great ideas from their debut and takes them onto another level. Their work has matured, the song structures and lyrics are for me sharper on this album. The music is something that proves to be hard to describe. Take hints of Joy Division and The Cure and pour it into a cauldron filled with gloom, depravity and social realistic lyrics. Clean singing mixed with agonizing vocals with an emphasis on the choke hold that this society has on all of us. Drugs, self-destruction, illness and a struggling to understand this existence. Lifelover doesn't hold the answers, but it delievers like no other band has done before. And this is truely the most stellar and perfect works that has graced me with it's presence. Comes with a 20-page full colour booklet, printed with heavy and thick paper for the best result. Full lyrics and visuals that will leave you shackled to the ground while Lifelover molests your mind." Mp3 Sample

Lifelover (Swe) "Konkurs" CD ($20) / ($13)
Depressive rock / black metal. 3rd and latest full length album released on Avantegarde Records. Highly Recommended!

Lost Life (Ger) "Odium (The Downfall of Bleeding Hearts)" CD ($15) / ($10)
Raw suicidal, misanthropic and depressive black metal. 2005 Full length album released on Fullmoon Funeral Productions. Highly Recommended!

Make a Change... Kill Yourself (Den) "II" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"The new chapter is finally at hands. Two lengthy depressive and atmospheric tracks forms the perfect tool to puncture the aorta of your very existence. All lyrics has once more been forged by Nattetale and the music is handled entierly by Ynleborgaz, all which works in perfect symbiosis with the music potrayed here. I choose to quote Ynleborgaz at the end here -"A journey into the darkest corners of the human psyche. These secluded experiments clear the distorted vision of the world. My gift to everyone seeing it through tired eyes." Mp3 Sample

Malign (Swe) "Divine Facing + Fireborn" Digi CD ($24) / ($17)
Excellent satanic black metal with members of Ofermod and Ophthalamia. Originally only on vinyl format now available in Digipak CD. Released in 2005 on Norma Evangelium Diaboli with bonus tracks containing the 7" EP "Fireborn". Highly Recommended!

Malveillance (Can) "Just fuck off" CD ($13) / ($9)
2006 full length album. A big change from the earlier releases, still very angry and hateful black metal. Short but powerful tracks. Released on Suffering Jesus Productions. Recommended.

Matricide (Swe) "Holy Virgin" MCD ($10) / ($7)

Mayhem / Thou Shalt Suffer (Nor) "The True Black" Split Bootleg CD ($15) / ($11)
Bootleg. Mayhem contains unreleased rehearsal and promo tracks with Dead on vocals. Thou Shalt Suffer's material features the 1991 EP and advance tracks for the 1992 MLP.

Menace (Ita) "Quake Metal" MCD ($5) / ($4)
Heavy/Speed Metal. Released on Warlord Records. Not the usual style that would be stocked here.

Morbid (Swe) "Live in Stockholm" CD ($15) / ($10)
Unoffical version of the Live in Stockholm release, pro cd and printed booklet. Includes the 3 Live in Handen tracks.

Morbosidad (USA) "Profana la Cruz del Nazarino" CD ($19) / ($15)
Latest 2009 full length of brutal crushing Death / Black metal. Fucken killer album released on Hells Headbangers. Highly Recommended!

Mortuus (Swe) "De Contemplanda Morte: De Reverencie laboribus ac Adorationis" CD ($22) / ($16)
Black metal with members of Dodfodd, Ofermod and Ondskapt. 2007 full length released on The Ajna Offensive. Recommended.

Mutiilation (Fra) "Vampires of Black Imperial Blood" CD ($15) / ($11)
Raw, Vampiric, ugly and melancholic black metal, finally available again on CD after 14 years since the first official release. Official reissue released on Dark Adversary Productions. The booklet contains all lyrics for the first time and unseen photos.

Mytile Vey Lorth (Aus) "Disillusion" CD ($12) / ($8)

Nartvind (Belgium) "Until their Ruin" CD ($12) / ($8)
First full length album from 2002 of raw and hateful black metal. Released on Painkiller Records in 2003. Highly Recommended!

Necrofrost (Ger) "In a Misty Soar and on it's swampy floor" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"The first of two underground gems to be unearthed and given the attention it truely deserves. If you never heard of NECROFROST prior to this, then this is the album to start with. Cold and dirty Black Metal with that necrotic feeling that not many bands can pull off. Originally released in 2000, and ended up being forgotten due to a strict limitation and a not too good distribution on the title. This will change now though. Released in an undisclosed ammount of units." Mp3 Sample

Necrofrost (Ger) "Bloodstorms voktes over Hytrunghas` dunkle Necrotroner" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Second full-lengther from the legendary German Black Metal horde NECROFROST. Released in 2001 through the bands own label. And limited to 1000 copies. Thanks to THR this piece of NIHILISTIC BLACK METAL will be available again. This album has an even murkier and rawer approach then the debut, yet still the same distinct NECROFROST sound." Mp3 Sample

Necrofrost (Ger) "Blackeon Lightharvest" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Brand new full-lengther from the long running underground Black Metal band Necrofrost. For fans of their older works this wont dissapoint. This is how Black Metal SHOULD sound. Comes in a fold out booklet with colour printings and all lyrics printed inside the booklet." Mp3 Sample

Necromessiah (Ita) "...Instar Gladii in Corporem Christi" CD ($13) / ($9)
First full length album from 2004, fast and raw old school black metal. Released on Slava Productions, limited and handnumbered to 500 copies.

Nefandus (Swe) "T.N.C.O.N. / B.T.H." CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Desecration of the past through this re-issue of Nefandus first full-length album, "The nightwinds carried our name" and also as a bonus, the first demo "Behold the hordes" that has been remastered (2004) in a proffesional studio with total respect to the original demo! Nefandus was an orthodox Black Metal entity with amongst it members had Belfagor of Ofermod. Limited to 1000 units."

Nefandus (Swe) "Death Holy Death" CD ($19) / ($14)
Released on Belfagor's own label Left Light Emanations in collaboration with Satanic Propaganda Records. After 13 years finally the long awaited 2009 full length album of occult black metal. "This album is dedicated to to the Draconian Current and those who work with it." Highly Recommended!

Negative Plane (USA) "Et In Saecula Saeculorum" CD ($20) / ($13)
"Sometimes words are ineffective. Now is that time. Various fragments of thought have been deciphered and translate as: Black Metal, Death Metal, unlike anything being played currently, traditional, an ancient feeling, akin in one way or another to the likes of old Samael, Possessed, Martyrium, Paul Chain era Death SS, Celtic Frost." Remastered edition released on The Ajna Offensive.

Nekrasov (Aus) "Into the no-mans-sphere of the ancient days" DigiCD ($15) / ($10)
Ambient / Noise Black Metal, Limited to 500 copies. Check some samples / info here http://www.myspace.com/nekrasovguts Recommended!

Nihil Nocturne (Swe) "Entheogen" CD ($24) / ($17)
2008 full length released on End All Life Productions.

Nocturnal Depression (Fra) "Nostalgia - Fragments of a Broken Past" CD ($18) / ($15)
Suicidal and depressive Black Metal. 2006 debut full length album re-recorded and re-mastered for this release on Sun and Moon Records in 2007. Contains a video clip for the title track.

Nocturnal Depression (Fra) "Soundtrack for a Suicide - Opus II" CD ($15) / ($12)
"French suicidal Black Metal. Depressive, manipulative, slow black metal, let the self-destruction blossom!" Contains a hidden track, released on Sun and Moon Records. 2nd edition of 1000 copies.

Northstream (Rus) "Time of Triumphal Cleanliness" MCD ($15) / ($9) THR
"NORTHSTREAM hails from the soils of RUSSIA, this will be like nothing your weary ears have heard. This is an outburst of RAW Russian bestiality with all that comes with those words. Slow depressive tracks, together with a voice from the deepest levels of hell. This album feels like it was recorded in the middle of a BLIZZARD! you'll see what I mean, when this album is released, which will be within a month. So here I present to you! The future of decadence, misery, and true Black Metal! 6 tracks, over 26min of music!"

Nortt (Den) "Ligfaerd" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"At the first of January 2006, this monumental piece of Black Funeral Doom is brought upon you just as the dawning of your existence has surpassed unwillingly into the age of 2006. With the strength from Nortt's previous works and with an even more dark and mournful sound, Nortt places himself as the master of this genre, there is no fast parts to be find here, the music is slow and building up an atmosphere to sink and lure it's claw deep in under your skin there is not a shed of light or hope in this funeral that's welcoming you." Mp3 Sample

Nunslaughter (USA) "Hex" CD ($17) / ($11)
"Like blood soaked entrails ripped from the disemboweled body of christ, NunSlaughter rape the heavens with their much awaited third studio album! "Hex" is a pyre of 80's Devil Metal Death featuring ten new satanic commandments plus the devil's seven classic cuts on the "Face of Evil" demo finally re-recorded in a proper studio! There is no sign of "progression", "maturing" or other form of weakness; "Hex" is a continuation of NunSlaughter's last album or last 7" EP and soon to become a fan favorite... This is the same music you've enjoyed for the last two fucking decades!!" Released on Hells Headbangers Records.

Obscure Mind / Lost Graveyard (Bra) "Under the Black Shadows" CD ($15) / ($10)
Great brazilian black metal from both bands. Released on D.F.L Records in 2005. Recommended.

Obscuro (Swe) "Where Obscurity Dwells" CD ($14) / ($10)
Cold & raw satanic black metal, debut full length released on Drakkar Productions in 2008. Limited to 1000 copies. Recommended.

Obskene Sonare (Austria) "Todnachten" MCD ($11) / ($7)
"One year after the demo "Wildes Blut" here is the new album from these occult worshippers. Strong, melancholic black metal, dedicated to death. Musically you can hear some references from Satanic Warmaster ("Strength and Honour"), Graveland ("Thousand Swords") and sometimes Silencer and even Nargaroth, but of course OS has developed a sound of their own and doesn't sound like a copy at all! "Todnachten" is a concept album and has been recorded in the night of 20th April." Released on Thule Records and limited to 1000 copies. Highly Recommended!

Öde (Hol) "Schimmenwoud" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Obscure Black Metal from Holland. Black Metal with that old scandinavian feeling to it. Piercing vocal performance and dedication to the Black flame that once more is burning strong. Öde is not a project that is taking its first step into the Black Metal realm, this project has been lurking deep underground for a long time and this debut full-lengther will give you a taste of what the Dutch Black Metal underground has to offer to this date." Mp3 Sample

Ofermod (Swe) "Tiamtu" CD ($23) / ($16)
"Tiamtu, the debut album by legends OFERMOD. Returning with the original line-up, OFERMOD is more sublime than ever, unleashing their Kliphotic incantations in utter sinister perfection. Only Death is Sacred!" Released on The Ajna Offensive licensed from Norma Evangelium Diaboli.

One Master (USA) "Forsaking a Dead World" CD ($12) / ($8)
Great black metal debut album with influences of early 90's Darkthrone, Gorgoroth. Original, raw and fast black metal. 2 complete tracks can be downloaded from One Masters website www.one-master.net Recommended.

Paroxysmal Descent (Aus) "Paradigm of Decay" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"The life-neglecting negativitiy... Paroxysmal Descent summon forth from the deepest vaults. A Virus of dark, suffocating black metal despair. Presenting the decaying world their. Debut full lengthers offering, to scar the wolrd once more.... Dead and gone are those before us. And doomed are those to come. For we exist in a generation of decay In a world of neither living nor dead." Mp3 Sample

Pensées Nocturnes (Fra) "Vacuum" CD ($18) / ($13)
Something different to check out from the usual styles of black metal stocked here, One man band, A unique mix of acoustic, classical, ambient and depressive black metal. Released on Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions. Samples and tracks can be heard on the labels website at www.lesacteursdelombre.com/productions/

Peste Noire (Fra) "La Sanie des sičcles - Panégyrique de la dégénérescence" CD ($22) / ($14)
First full length from 2006 finally available again, this is the European import from De Profundis Records. The layout is the same as the first edition, one song has been remastered. Highly Recommended. The price is $20 if ordered with any other title(s)

Peste Noire (Fra) "Folkfuck Folie" CD ($24) / ($17)
"The second album of the band. Old school thrash black metal. 11 new tracks (including re-recorded 4 tracks of REH Lorraine). More insane and sick than the first, based on sexual diseases and madness." European press released on De Profundis Records.

Peste Noire (Fra) "Ballade cuntre lo Anemi francor" Digi CD ($25) / ($17) TEMP N/A
"This album is different from the two first albums in its garage sound recording done by Famine and its antiquated hard rock rhythms. The Pest have hit hard once again where we least expected it. Defined by Famine as “Militant Black'n'Roll”, or “ Boyscout’s satanism “ this album can offend, but one thing is certain, it’s unique, a pure album of Peste Noire." Released on De Profundis Records in digipack format.

Prayer of the Dying (Malta) "From the mouth of the Passing" CD ($13) / ($9)
Atmospheric and Melodic Black/Death Metal, one-man project. Released on Nekrogoat Heresy Productions ltd. to 500 copies.

Profanatica (USA) "Profanatitas De Domonatia" CD ($20) / ($13)
"Much awaited full length studio album from one of the most influential and original godfathers of extreme Black Metal. Spilling holy fucking blood with 10 ruthlessly scouring Profanatica signature style hymns, "Profanatitas De Domonatia" is a continuation from where the black cult vanished in 1992. Profanatica vomit on your god and shit on your so-called Black Metal!!" Released on Hells Headbangers Records.

Profanatica (USA) "The Enemy of Virtue" Double CD ($22) / ($16)
"Prepare, as sodomy shall be brought upon the nuns rotting asshole once again!!! Legendary and influential, the Black Cult of PROFANATICA set the example for the first flux of 90's Black Metal. "The Enemy Of Virtue" compiles all of the bands work including the unreleased "Passion Of A Liar" 7" Single, an obscure rehearsal of TOTEN cover songs, and the bands first live performance in 9 years at "The Return of Darkness And Evil Festival 2001". Total of 29 blasphemies with detailed track listing and booklet documenting the entire history of the cult. PROFANATICA vomit on your god and shit on your so-called Black Metal!" Released on Hells Headbangers Records.

Quintessence (Fra) "Le Fleau de ton Existence" CD ($13) / ($9)
Previously known as Occulta with their demo "Black Hordes Unleashed" and now the debut full length album. 9 Tracks and 45 minutes of fast and hateful Pictavian Black Metal. Released April 2009 on Nija Art Productions in 1000 copies. Quintessence knows no compromise and takes no prisoners. Doom and death is the only path for the weak and small... No Life! No Christianity! No Light! Some tracks can be heard at their myspage page www.myspace.com/quintessenceofficial Highly Recommended!

Raate (Fin) "Halki kuolleen maan..." CD ($18) / ($15)
Depressive and melancholic Black Metal! Released on W.T.C Productions.

Ravenbanner (Grc) "...And Ravens Sing Our Glorious Past" CD ($15) / ($10)
"8 years after their one and only demo, the time has finally come for the last rite of RAVENBANNER... 6 buried and forgotten tracks from a 2001 session, return from oblivion to mark the short era of a band that was created out of pure hateful feelings and coldness... Harsh and Raw Black Metal Paganism inspired by the early 90s' Antichristian War and the scent of the Burning Churches... This album includes the demo as a bonus and it's the tombstone of RAVENBANNER." Released on Totenkopf Propaganda.

Reaktor 4 (Swe) "Reaktor 4" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"From Strömstad hails this newcomer. Dirty, hateful and not afraid to spit their monotonous / hypnotizing lines towards the face of the coming apocalypse. A must for fans into industrial / Black Metal crossbreedings. B. of Lifelover / IXXI also appears as session vocalist on this album. Comes with a thick booklet and with all lyrics included. One of the better Swedish band to emerge as of late. Do not miss them out." Mp3 Sample

Regnum (Ger) "Weil alles einst zerbrechen muss" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Containing previously unreleased tracks with Regnum. Through-out his years of activity there has been tracks that hasn't fitted into the concept of his demos, and they have remain unreleased until now. They work great as stand alone tracks! This CD is a must for any fan of desolate and cold Black Metal. With that rough depressive edge. Comes with additional bonus tracks that are not featured on the tape version." Mp3 Sample

Sacramentary Abolishment (Can) "River of Corticone" CD ($18) / ($12)
1996 First full length re-issued on Fifth Division Records in a limited edition of 500 copies. Crushing Death/Black Metal, later changed their name to Axis of Advance. Highly Recommended.

Sacramentary Abolishment (Can) "The Distracting Stone" CD ($18) / ($12)
1997 second full length released on Catharsis Records. Crushing Death/Black Metal, later changed their name to Axis of Advance. Highly Recommended.

Sacrilegious Impalement (Fin) MCD ($15) / ($10)
Debut MCD, Death/Black Metal released on Blasphemous Underground Productions, limited to 1000 copies.

Sathanas (USA) "Flesh for the Devil" MCD ($12) / ($8)
Old School Blackened Death Metal. 23 minute 2005 Tape EP now released on MCD format on Pagan Records in 2007. Includes a Slaughter cover "Nocturnal Hell".

Sator Marte (Cze) "Termonuklearni Evoluce (Thermonuclear Evolution)" CD ($13) / ($9)
Fast & hateful black metal, Sator Marte was formerly known as Forgotten Art before 2003. Released on Humanity's Plague Productions, Highly Recommended!

Secrets of the Moon (Ger) "Antithesis" CD ($21) / ($15)
Black metal, 2006 full length released on the Ajna Offensive under license from Lupus Lounge Records.

Slidhr / Rebirth of Nefast (Ire) "Ex Nihilio" Digi CD ($25) / ($17)
"Split-CDs are often hazardous, resulting in an unbalanced artistic impact. Ex-Nihilio, the common work of Rebirth of Nefast and Slidhr, to the contrary, showcases two entities that complement each other to a rare extent. Most likely because both exhale the same pitch-black atmosphere and tend towards the same bleak aim. Rebith of Nefast works with atmospheres, expressing the unlikely and grotesque, with an undeniable sinister spiritual edge. Slidhr is hatred and violence, not unlike an entity such as Funeral Mist, but also a great sense for the riff. Yet you could reverse these descriptions and still match the point. It is genuinely challenging material, and a great testimony to the unique brilliance of Black Metal." Released on End All Life Productions in embossed digipak format.

Sorhin (Swe) "I Det Glimrande Morkrets Djup" Digi CD ($24) / ($17)
The first full length from 1997, re-released in a great looking Digipak CD with a 16 page booklet on Norma Evangelium Diaboli. Remastered and features a bonus track from the 1997 EP. All 3 Digipaks making up the Sorhin discography will be back in stock soon. Highly Recommened!

Stalaggh (Bel/Hol) "Projekt Terror" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Stalaggh are known for their debut album Projekt Nihil that was released in 2003 If you heard this one, you know for sure that this was no easy record to digest. A sound potraying your worst nightmares in a screaming nauseating soundscape. This album was at first compared to the works of Abruptum however I don’t feel that does Stalaggh justice, cause unlike Abruptum, this is no joke, this is made by people who suffer from real mental illness, and one involved in murder. If this sets you off, don’t think of getting this. Stalaggh propagates the sonic ideology of human genocide. The gates to total hysteria and madness are open again, manipulating sound waves and tortured screams hateful and disonant, will please anyone that got into Projekt Nihil, however this record is by far more extreme, and will be a painful session for anyone who will sit through it all. This will be the darkest of winters... Co-released with New Era Productions and strictly limited to 1000 copies." Mp3 Sample

Svartr Strijd (Swe) "En Sista Vind" MCD ($15) / ($9) THR
"From Sweden hails this oneman band. Stirring up emotions of desperation, agony, depression, sleepless nights, suicide, disgust. Every sound of this demo holds all of these components in a solid grip, choking the listener into the desolate world of Svartr Strijd. This demo should be seen as the end of Svartr Strijd. This will be the only available release, after this is gone. Svartr Strijd is gone..." Mp3 Sample

S.V.E.S.T (Fra) "Veritas Diaboli Manet in Aeternum: Le Diable est ma Raison" Digi MCD ($21) / ($15)
"S.V.E.S.T. and DEATHSPELL OMEGA offer two glances right into the primeval fracture, the suppurating wound at the heart of everything, the fissure undermining up to the least attempt at harmony. Summa Divisio, the first of all divisions, the mother of all scissions and the annunciation of woe and affliction to come. The work of both bands can be understood as a variation on a same theme, independent yet complementary. Released as two digipak mini-cds, each featuring one band, with identical artwork and layout- not taking lyrics into account." Released on End All Life Productions.

Swine (UK) "Marked by the Baron" CD ($10) / ($7)
Von worship album released on Vanguard Productions in 2004.

Taranis (Bel) "Taranis" CD ($26) / ($17)
Old School Thrash/Black Metal. 2007 full length. Released on Iron Pegasus Records. Recommended.

Taranis (Bel) "Flandriae" CD ($26) / ($17)
Released Late 2008, 2nd full length. 44 minutes of Old School Thrash/Black Metal and includes a Running Wild cover. Released on Iron Pegasus Records. Recommended.

TeitanBlood (Spa) "Seven Chalices" CD ($22) / ($16)
"DEATH METAL spews forth in a cataract of black blood as TEITANBLOOD release their debut "Seven Chalices", From the entrails of Unspeakable Gods invoked from rituals gone intentionally awry, from perverse astronomy and stars aligned towars alarm, the disfigured cadavers hanging in praise next to the skinned Lamb vomit vermin ecstasy of Death and the shameful failure of the light." Co-released by The Ajna Offensive, Norma Evangelium Diaboli and Dauthus.

The One (Greece) "I, Master" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
Latest full length released on Total Holocaust Records. Mp3 Sample

Thesyre (Can) "Resistance" CD ($24) / ($18)
Black / Thrash Metal. Latest 2009 Full length album released on Osmose Productions.

Thronum Vrondor (Belgium) "Vrondor I: Epitaph of Mass-Destruction" CD ($18) / ($12)
Black Metal, excellent debut full length released on Goatowarex in 2007. Highly Recommended!

Thronum Vrondor (Belgium) "Vrondor II: Conducting the Orchestra of Evil" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Thronum Vrondor has been active for some years now. Their first debut full-lengther was released by Goatowarex and despite being an incredible album it never really was any talks about this outstanding horde. Their second album is now available and they have gotten better in every aspects since the last time you heard them. Members of Paragon Impure, Grimfaug and Hellewacht is among the ranks of this horde. Comes in a 12 page booklet with all lyrics inside." Mp3 Sample

Through the Pain (Ger) "Time Heals Nothing" CD ($18) / ($12) THR
"The mind of Baelvect crawls behind the desolate chords and screams of this therapeutic and existentialistic project. Risen from the scars, seeping through the mind and finally bleeding the path towards clarity. In 2007 together with the band Trist a split EP was released. The continuation of the foundations found through this artistic expression is now finally to be heard and manifested through - 'Time Heals Nothing'. It's a wound that will never heal, it's an invigorating pain that will never end." Mp3 Sample

Totalselfhatred (Fin) "Totalselfhatred" CD ($24) / ($18)
Over 45min of highly intense atmospheric, melancholic, depressive and desperate black metal! Slipcase edition released on Osmose Productions.

Trancelike Void (Belgium) "Unveiling the Silent Arms of Despair" MCD ($15) / ($9) THR
"Never had the name of a band been this fitting. Trancelike - That's just how it is. And the void within yourself nurtures from this downward spiral of the forward momentum that our lives lacks, and that's where Trancelike Void enters your miserable life. Black Metal on the surface, but there's a lot more going on underneath, so just calling this depressive Black Metal or whatever, is to fold it together with the faceless crowd of mediocricy. One of the few worthy bands emerging from Belgium. This mini-cd has been carefully mixed by Desolate of Austere and is strictly limited to 500 copies." Partial Mp3 Sample

Twilight (USA) "Twilight" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
Back in stock. "An all "star" project with members of Leviathan, Draugar, Nachtmystium, Xasthur and Krieg. But don't let the names involved grab your attention to much, this material is strong enough without the mentioning of above bands or person." Mp3 Sample

Underdark (Ukr) "I am above all" CD ($12) / ($8)
"Satanic Black Metal under the semblance of Amorth, well known Ukrainian drummer for many of the country’s finest projects alive these days, such as Drudkh, Astrofaes, and others. “I am above all” displays the side of Amorth’s musicianship that has never been crossed before with past projects. Definitely a must for an individual who wishes to explore one of the strongest, yet majestic soundscapes in Slavonic Black Metal history. A vigor of expression, known as Underdark." Released on Wraith Productions.

Untergang (Fra) "Of Pure Blood and Evil Pride" CD ($14) / ($9)
7 tracks of killer satanic black metal, includes a Satanic Warmaster Cover. Released on Satans Millenium Productions. Highly Recommended!

Vae Victus (Ger) "Black Fucking Thrash Metal" CD ($15) / ($10)
Excellent Thrash / Black metal. 2008 Full length album including a 10 minute bonus track recorded Live at Protzen Open Air 2003. Released on Galgenstrang Productions and limited to 1000 copies.

Vargr (Swe) "Storm of Northern Evil" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Unclean, ugly and lo-fi Black Metal in its most unpure form. Nordvargr of MZ.412 / Folkstorm / Naer Mataron is the sole dictator behind this creation, but do not expect to hear any black ambient industrial sounds here - this is raw BM of the most unclean kind. Vargr has previously released two full-lengthers. This third installment also comes with "The Twice High Holy Secret of Constant Generation" Demo (2008) as a bonus." Mp3 Sample

Vargsang (Ger) "Werewolf of Wysteria" CD ($14) / ($9)
Killer black metal released on Undercover records. Highly Recommended!

Various Artists "Evil Warriors of Southern Lands #1" CD ($10) / ($7)
Compilation with Impure Hordes - Corpus Christi, Vultos Vociferos, Eris Maestus, Pactum, Regnum Umbra Ignis, Kabarah, Govanon, Dark Paramount, Desdominus, Triumph, PsicoDeath, Kreditor. Released on Goat Music Records, Brazil.

Various Artists (Ger / Fin) "Hellbangers Metal Forces" CD ($26) / ($17)
Killer thrash / black metal compilation. Includes Urn(Fin), Desaster(Ger), Har Shatan(Ger), Witchburner(Ger), Angel of Damnation(Ger), Midnight Rider(Ger), Nocturnal(Ger), Flame(Fin), Goat Messiah(Switzerland), Metalucifer(Jap), Metal Inquisitor(Ger) and Evil Witch(Fin). Released on Iron Pegasus Records. Highly Recommended!

Various Artists "Metal Message - IV" CD ($11) / ($7)
Very well put together compilation of Pagan, Viking & Folk metal from the Metal Message Zine guys. Great cover artwork drawn by Jean-Pascal Fournier and the cd design by Kris Verwimp. Tracks from the following 13 Hordes: Gjenferdsel, Forefather, Tharaphita, Galar, Oakenshield, Irminsul, Slechtvalk, Folkearth, Theudho, Alkonost, Slartibartfass, Skyforger & Sirocco.

Various Artists "Tormenting Legends Part II" Digi CD ($24) / ($17)
Excellent compilation featuring unreleased tracks from Arckanum, Bael, Elite, Eternity, Katharsis, Klage, Luror, Musta Surma, Nasheim, Nyktalgia, Puissance, Sarath, Sarcophagus, Vargsang and Wolfsmond. Released on Blut & Eisen and W.T.C Productions.

Various Artists "Witching Black Records Compilation Vol. 1" CD ($10) / ($7)
Underground Canadian compilation cd featuring 15 bands, Imperial Crystalline Entombment(USA), Throneum(POL), Black Winter(GRE), Nefarious Attack(MAL), Woods of Ypres(CAN), Atomizer(AUS), Mentation(NETH), The Chasm(MEX), Bitchsplitter(CAN), Nordafrost(GER), Mortinatum(SPA), Gauntlet(CAN), Gaurithoth(FIN), Feral Horde(CAN), Perpetual Dusk(BRA).

Verderben (Ger) "Vernichtung und Vergeltung" CD ($15) / ($10)
First full length album released in 2009 on Dunkelheit Productions in 1000 copies. Raw hateful black metal. Recommended.

Warlust / Pestis (Nl) "The Final War / Plagueridden" Split MCD ($12) / ($8)
Black metal, old Warlust tracks from an EP in 1999 and 1 rehearsal / demo track from Pestis. Pestis is the 2 band members from Warlust. Released on Regimental Records limited to 1000 copies. Mp3 Sample

Watain (Swe) "Sworn to the Dark" CD ($22) / ($16)
Satanic Black Metal, 2007 full length released on The Ajna Offensive under license from Norma Evangelium Diaboli.

Wolftribe (Pol) "Pura Odium" CD ($15) / ($10)
Raw and fast black metal released on Radiation Noise Productions.

Woods of Infinity (Swe) "Hejda" CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"Debut album by Woods of Infinity. Making Black Metal in unorthodox ways has always been apart of them. This albums thriumphs their best moments, and Ravenlord's lyrics is among the best that has been written (PERIOD!). The music is sick, perverse and made for those who feels numb about most things in this failing existence. The album includes a cover of Barry Manilow. All comes in a 12 page booklet, with lyrics printed in silver. Nine tracks clocking in on over 55 minutes!" Mp3 Sample

Woods of Infinity (Swe) "Ljuset" CD ($20 / ($12) THR
"One of this years finest outputs. Ljuset kicks off right after the album "Hejdĺ". As Melkor of Woods of Infinity himself stated. "Ljuset is our plunge into the unknown, a natural development for unnatural minds, severing the ties of what were and setting sail for the light at the horizon". 11 new tracks, including a new recorded version of "Summon the lord of blasphemy". Words fall short when you are opening your mouth towards this twisted masterpiece. Comes with 16 page full colour booklet. With paintings drawn by D-778 of Ritual of the cloven Hoof. Extra-ordinary (unorthodox) paintings, only body fluids have been used in order to produce his paintings. All lyrics are on Swedish (as always) except for "S.T.L.B" and "Across the fields of forever" which is an Edge of Sanity cover, and also some minor parts of some tracks are spoken/sung in English. A mad mans wet dream." Mp3 Sample

Xibalba (Mex) "Ah Dzam Poop Ek" CD ($15) / ($10)
One of the best black metal bands from Mexico, brutal raw black metal from 1994. Includes 3 bonus tracks, released on Guttural Records. Highly Recommended!

Zavorash (Swe) "N.A.S.D." CD ($20) / ($12) THR
"One truely cursed album has finally been dragged out of the pitch-black cavern where it has recided for over 3 years! Initially this release was to be released by Selbstmord services some years back, but due to one reason or another it never came to anything. It's not without being a bit proud that I can announce this release for being ready and available through THR. Combining both superior musicanship, songwriting and production, this album is an instant Black Metal classics in my books. The album was recorded in Necromorbus studios, and the album comes with heavy 20-page booklet, full lyrics and full colour layout." Mp3 Sample