Coal has confirmed solar is cheaper and now wants
taxpayer money.

A coal ship disaster on the reef will happen,
no safeguards will stop it. Loss of reef tourists
not made up by coal royalties.

Cheap reliable solar energy close to country town will
create jobs. More jobs by building dams and tourists.

While we wait till 2020 for cheap storage, use existing
coal power at night and solar by day.

Banks will not fund and business will not build coal power.
UK is moving to electric cars = batteries now.

Federal loan $900 million for coal railway.
Nationals approved taxpayer loan, barnaby 0 getup 1.

Sunshine Coast Daily 14 Nov 2017
Act or face catastrophe - Scientists


Solar becomes baseload power with storage.
Reduce coal use as more storage is added.

Solid-state battery by 2020, long life lightweight
more capacity, could be used in homes.
Twice density, fifth cost of current tech.
Tesla CEO liked it.

Molten salt about size of H/W tank
Phase change, freeze is store, melt to use
Salt is cheap, ready by 2025 ?

SOLAR PV power plant - SPV

Australia has lots of sun, solar makes sense.

Solar run cost is $78-$140/MWh, now cheaper than coal.

SPV plant build is about the same cost as coal with
carbon capture. 

A business case will decide what to use.

Coal needs to be near coal supply, solar can be built
anywhere maybe near power lines on crown land.

Select site with less dust and wind or protect
with a soil wall.

A small 200 MW SPV may reduce any failure costs.
10 x 200 MW = 2000 MW, build time about 2 years.

Solar panels with 25 year life could be replaced after
2040 when costs should half. Compare with coal each
day buy, transport and burn coal.

SPV has automation which reduces running costs.

Its about economics.