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Our  Italian upbringing has always been centred around the dinner table, never forgetting the wonderful  smells of traditional homemade cooking , the home baked breads  and the aroma of the brewing coffee which completed our meals.  Our love for food and the appreciation of our culture has made us passionate about the food we prepare daily for customers to enjoy.


Ralph's Cafe has been operating since 1984, and over the years the love for international foods has been adopted by all.  A devon and pickle sandwich is no longer on the menu.  Sure, people may still enjoy a devon sandwich, but the mouth watering menu now consisting of toasted focaccias, paninis, Turkish breads, wraps and bagels filled with a variety of Italian marinated vegetables, cheeses such as bocconcini, ricotta, provolone & blue vein just to name a few plus continental cold cuts such as double smoked ham, prosciutto, hot salami, turkey breast and much more, is so much more appealing to our taste buds.  Ralph always asks his customers “are your taste buds dancing”, he takes great pleasure in watching his customers enjoy their food.


There is also homemade lasagne, pasta and variety of salads to choose from, and our homemade continental biscuits and cakes are very hard to resist.

We take pride in serving the best coffee on campus, testament to the fact is that many of the students and teachers keep coming back for more.


Ralph’s Cafe not only provides the best food, best coffee and best service on campus,but theatmosphere is unmatched by anywhere else.  We are a family business and we are proud  when our customers tell us that we are an “institution”  at the university, “educators of good food and great coffee”.  We hope that when the students and teachers think back of their wonderful time at The University of Sydney, that Ralph’s Cafe will always be remembered as "the place" they had their first lesson in great food and great coffee.





Mon - Fri during semester 6.20am- 7.30pm
Mon - Fri out of semester
6.20am- 6.30pm

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"all occasions the food has been of excellent quality, beutifully presented and delicious to eat. Our guests often comment very favorably on the quality of the food provided. It is always prepared fresh and available on time."


- Joe McNamara, Professional Development Unit


[A day in my life] "5pm. Go past Ralph's Café and pick up a gourmet focaccia, then trek over Wentworth to meet my orchestra freinds for dinner."


- Laura Bewley, Veterinary Science Student


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