Selena 19 Transistor radio.

Made in the USSR

Selena radio front view
This radio has been in constant use for the last 30 years. As the sound volume is slowly decreasing I have finally replaced it. I think it should be recorded for posterity as it contains unique components and a no holds barred, brute force design. It had 8 bands and a weight of 4.3Kg
back view of Selena radio
Note the rotary band switch, the unique capacitors, and the germanium transistors. This was an old design when it was new. The box at the bottom left is the FM tuner. The 3 gang tuning capacitor has a cast frame (not visible). With all the components and necessary adjustments it is no wonder that it had a tamper proof stamped in serial number. Here is a link to the repair of a similar radio
Selena serial No.

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