Sunbeam Toastermatic

The Australian made toaster that was built to last.

Sunbeam Toastermatic

We received a lesser brand of toaster for a wedding present in 1968. At that time the Sunbeam Radiant Control Toastermatic had gained such a good reputation that we returned the lesser brand and swapped it for the toaster shown here. It was a good move as it has been in daily use for the 38 intervening years.

Sunbeam Toastermatic label

1600 Watts makes for speedy toasting.

Sumbeam Toastermatic top view

The elements are made from round wire that lasts a lifetime.

The end elements are a different style to the center ones and this may be why with advancing years the toast may brown differently on both sides.

Caution  Make sure the power is DISCONNECTED before  making any adjustments or doing anything other than simply putting toast in. Do not turn the toaster on its side or open the crumb tray without DISCONNECTING the power first.
The adjustment described below does not require any disassembling of the toaster just the normal opening of the crumb tray.
A toaster of this age should be given a safety check by an electrician. 

Sunbeam Toastermatic adjustment.The toastermatic feature works like this. You drop the toast in and as the toaster heats up the toast is lowered. When it is browned to the correct amount as set by the slide adjuster it rises again.  When you put the toast in it presses on a bar that latches a switch closed that sends power the element. The heating causes the wire in the centre element to lengthen slightly which lowers the toast platform. When the desired colour is reached the switch is un-latched by the heating and thus bending of a BIMETAL strip. The power is turned off and the toast rises as the toaster cools. It is the insertion of the toast causing a downward movement of a bar that latchs the switch closed and this can only occur when the toast platform and bar are near the top. The toasting process can only start again after the toast is removed. With age the toast platform may not raise high enough to enable the bar to latch the switch on and some jiggling of the toast is required to get the toasting started. The slotted screw head visible in the center of the picture adjusts the cold height of the toast platform. Turning it anticlockwise raises the platform. I find it works best when the platform is adjusted so that it is just about at the top of its range of movement. When I find myself having to jiggle the toast it can usually be fixed with a quarter to half a turn anticlockwise.

A  BIMETAL strip is made by bonding two metals with different expansion rates together. When heated one side expands more than the other and the strip bends.

Update 12/2016  Google will give you all the information you could possibly need on fixing this toaster.

A comprehensive site devoted to this toaster is