Possible asbestos danger.

There is a lot of discussion at the moment on the dangers of asbestos and the fatal cancer mesothelioma that can be caused by exposure to it.

It is said that asbestos containing cement sheet that was used in buildings is not very dangerous if it is not disturbed by sanding, cutting, drilling etc.

A lot of old roofs are made from corrugated asbestos sheet and I remember something about this containing a particularly dangerous type of asbestos.

A quick walk around the local streets revealed many old garages with asbestos containing roofs that are overhung by trees.

Note the white roof where the tree has abraded the surface.

Video (at another site) of this problem should scare you and the authorities. 

Short (1mb) video of asbestos roof being abraded by a tree in the wind.

It is obvious that any tree touching the roof will scrape away at the surface and doubtless release asbestos fibers.

Property owners should be compelled to trim vegetation that is abrading asbestos containing material.

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