Replace the Text Select cursor with a "Puck"

Have you ever lost the "I" bar (Text select cursor)?
Do you find that it obscures the text you are trying to select?
Are you using a high visibility set of cursors and find the bigger "I" bar obscures more.
Give the puck a try.
It does not invert the things it touches or obscure what you are attempting to select.

The default "I" bar Can you see it?

The Medium puck

The puck works with any background.

It has high visibility and can be used as a text marker when reading like you would a finger.

For a free copy of this simple replacement for the "I" bar just Email me See main page and I will be happy to send you a copy with simple install instructions for (W98 & XP Vista is similar)  or see below.
I have put what you need into a ZIP file ( . Right click on the link below and select "save target as..."  When you later click on the file it will unpack to a folder that contains all you need.
Right click here for