Daily weight over 1 year on a Paleo diet.

The following is not to be taken as a recommendation for you to change your diet.
 Changing your diet may have adverse medical consequences.
I am a 67 year old male who has always been either obese or at least very over weight.
I started toying with a Paleo diet and reduced my weight over 12 months from about 105kg to around 96kg (BMI 28.5).
I then undertook a more strict Paleo diet and started noting my morning weight daily.
I  consciously reduced my calorie intake but I ate enough to not be hungry.
I checked that my protein intake was within the recommended range.
After 1 year my weight had reduced to around 80kg (BMI  24.0).
I have learnt some things from graphing my weight daily (I actually use graph paper and pencil).
There was a big drop in weight in the first 4 weeks or so caused it is said by the reduction in carbohydrate.
My weight can vary by over 2kg over a couple of days. The drop around day 178 coincided with doing some building work.
I found weighing myself daily and looking at the trend motivating.

 I live alone so meal preparation is a chore but I have the advantage that I am free to have only "good" food in the house. I started gradually going Paleo by buying only Paleo and slowly eating away at the non Paleo stuff in the cupboard. My original thought was that if one can have a bowl of cereal with milk and sugar every morning for breakfast then one could just as easily have a bowl of Paleo vegetable soup. It turned out that I prefer fried eggs with non fatty bacon and a tomato for breakfast but the vegetable soup is consumed for lunch or dinner. The other meal is steak, fish or chicken and vegetables or cold roast meat and salad. I have a roast once a week and freeze portions for later use. Other main meals are curries (accompanied by granulated cauliflower instead of rice) or stews, both are made in a pressure cooker and frozen in meal sized portions. Snacks are fruit, Paleo nuts and berries.
Once a week I go visiting and have a non Paleo afternoon tea complete with biscuits and a normal dinner with the usual sweets. I bend the Paleo rules a little with skim milk in tea and coffee and a little Mainland Swiss cheese (sodium around 300mg.100g).

As I have reached my target weight my next challenge is to increase my calorie intake to level off the weight loss.
I am first going to try increasing my intake of fruit.

Information on the Paleo diet can be found at  http://paleolithicdiet.wordpress.com/
Daily weight chart