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Some products that are over 120mg/100g

These products do not fit the low salt guidelines but they are near to the lowest sodium for their type that I have found.

They should be combined with low sodium ingredients and calculations performed to ensure that the final recipe conforms to your dietary guidelines regarding sodium.

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Aldi pasta sauce

Natex yeast spread

Natex Yeast Extract Reduced Salt Savoury Spread

McCain also have two meals with sodium of 150mg/100g
Honey Stirfry Chicken and Thai Green Curry.
Two meals with sodium of 120mg/100g are shown on the main page.

Select pumpkin soup

Campbells Country ladle Minestrone

Heinz Big RED Salt reduced

Hedy's Chicken, corn & asparagus quicheA tip from Robert was this Hedie's Chicken Corn & Aspagus quiche from Woolworths.

BEERENBERG TAKA TALA sauceContinental Salt reduced soup packets

Kan Tong also have a Lemon Chicken stir-fry sauce  with 216mg/100g. available in Coles.

KanTong Plum Sweet and Sour Stir fry sauceKanTong Sweet & Sour Lite  

The sodium level in these Sweet & Sour sauces, after adding the chicken and rice will be down below 120mg/100g for the meal. If you are willing to risk pushing the sodium level of the final meal to the 120mg limit, you could use a 575g jar of sauce that was as high as 300mg/100g, by using 500g of meat and a weight of rice equal to the cooked weight of the meat sauce.  

To go with some of the simmer sauces shown  You may like to try Traffic Light Rice.

Brunswick NAS SardinesKing Oscar NAS sardines

Woolworths Home Brand sardines in spring water
have about 1/3 the sodium of these two products.
See the main low salt section.

IGA TunaSirena Tuna in Springwater

Sealord Crumbed Hoiki Filets
This crumbed fish is only 130mg/100g found in Woolworths.

Birdseye frozen Fish

Birds Eye have 4 crumbed fish types with sodium under 200mg/100g.
You can make  low salt meal if you combine them with an equal weight of NAS chips and/or salad.

Spring Gully Sliced Pickled onions

Mable's Spring Onion CheeseMable's Fruit & Nut CheeseMainland Swiss CheeseCoon also have a Swiss with sodium 330mg/100g
Nimbin also in slices and Mainland in blocks
Norco Natural Cheese

                                               Nimbin Natural renamed Norco Natural  9/17  

Emborg Emmental cheese

Mainland gruyere cheese

Lemnos paneer cheese


12/2015   mozzarella and bocconcini with sodium under 120mg/100g now available see main section.

From smaller supermarkets and other stores that have a cheese section you can pick up a range of lower salt cheeses. For example Harris Farm Markets has Paesanella Bocconcini in 500g tubs 9333942000014 with 148mg/100g. 

There are not that many choices with hard cheese but aim for sodium of about 330mg per 100g or less
and use sparingly.  Mozzarella and Swiss/Emmental are some possible types.  Paneer cheese is usually very low in sodium but will not melt. You will find some flavoured soft cheeses with about 200mg/100g in plastic pouches. The only reduced  sodium cheddar cheese I have found is Nimbin Elbo Style (I get it from Woolworths or Coles) and I use it in measured small quantitys.

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