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On a low sodium diet

Cafe meals and on the go.

What to eat when out and about on a low sodium diet is a problem looking for a solution and I hope to gradually expand this page as ideas come in from my readers. The biggest hurdle is that the high sodium level in bread eliminates pocket bread, rolls, sandwiches and hamburgers.  But things are looking up with some chains providing healthy salads. If you are following the Australian dietary guidelines you will be looking for foods that are defined as low sodium i.e. with sodium at or below 120mg/100g.

Fish and chips without added salt is low in sodium but if you want to be sure you could discard the batter.
A big bowl of fruit salad makes a good lunch when out shopping.
A steak with no sauce and a salad with no dressing should be obtainable in any good restaurant.

This expanding company has a range of salads and dressings that provide wholesome fare. Click on their logo and check out their website to see their locations, what is new and to confirm my recommendations.
Any of their salads  without dressings are low sodium but the Well-Tuna is on the  limit at 123mg/100g.
The Well-Balsamic dressing can be added to any salad. It is virtually sodium free at 5.7mg/100g and actually brings the Well-Tuna salad down to 113mg/100g.
The Well-Basil and Well-Garlic dressings push the sodium levels up a little and choosing either puts the Well-Tuna salad over the low sodium limit to about 130mg/100g. With the other salads these two dressings are fine. Unfortunately the Well-Herb Mayonnaise is rich in sodium at 1167mg/100g and it pushes all the salads over the low sodium food limit.

Restaurant Meals.

I hope to provide a list of restaurants that can provide no added salt meals however it is my feeling that a lot may say they can but will fail in the execution. That is why your feedback will be needed to make this page a valuable resource.
To get us started you could click on this Google search and see if any restaurant takes your fancy. If you have a good experience please let me know. Peter@findlowsaltfood.info

You may like to print out this single page note to the chef that can be folded and handed in when you arrive to reinforce what you have previously arranged.  Note to the chef pdf.

The listing of an establishment only indicates that they may be able to provide low salt food. Listing is no guarantee that they can provide low salt food or that what they provide actually is low salt. You must confirm that the food you require will be available and what they provide is suitable for your consumption.

Ruby's Country Style Cuisine.
39 Harry Graham Drive.
Kembla Heights. NSW
Ph: 02 4272 2541 - Fax: 02 4272 9285
"Have always catered for special dietary needs and make the most
delicious low salt meals on request. I found out about them from
other salt skippers on the Menieres chat site and have been there

Wheelers Hill Hotel
Ferntree Gully Rd (Cnr Jells Rd)
Wheelers Hill  VIC
(03) 9560-8922
"Fantastic Service, Fantastic food.  Made a special effort for me
even down to the presentation of the food.  Did not charge extra for the
trouble." Hazel and Richard.

The Settlement Hotel
Cnr South Gippsland Hwy & Camms Rd
Cranbourne VIC 3877
Telephone: (03) 5996 3300, 1300 366 600
"Always makes special sauces for me using unsalted ingredients
although I have to explain exactly what I canīt have each time
because they have different chefs and they forget as I donīt go often
enough. Never charges extra for the extra trouble." Hazel and Richard.

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