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On a low sodium diet

Cafe meals and on the go.

What to eat when out and about on a low sodium diet is a problem looking for a solution. The biggest hurdle is that the high sodium level in bread eliminates pocket bread, rolls, sandwiches and hamburgers.  But things are looking up with some chains providing healthy salads. If you are following the Australian dietary guidelines you will be looking for foods that are defined as low sodium i.e. with sodium at or below 120mg/100g.

Fish and chips without added salt is low in sodium but if you want to be sure you could discard the batter.
A big bowl of fruit salad makes a good lunch when out shopping.
A steak with no sauce and a salad with no dressing should be obtainable in any good restaurant.

Restaurant Meals.

You may like to print out this single page note to the chef that can be folded and handed in when you arrive to reinforce what you have previously arranged.  Note to the chef pdf.