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Breakfast Cereals

Put the cursor on a product to see the sodium content shown on the nutrition label and shopping hints.

I find breakfast an easy low sodium meal. For breakfast I have porridge, muesli (most are low in sodium so I do not show them), or one of  the cereals you can see on this page that have 120 mg or less of Sodium per 100g but you have to go into about a dozen supermarkets to find them all. For a change I have fried or scrambled eggs and tomato with home made spicy sausage but alas no bacon.  Most Jams are low in sodium but check the labels as you may be able to get the same type of jam with lower sodium.

Cereals change very often so some of those below may be discontinued but I am sure you will find something for breakfast.

Aldi balanced Right

Oats are low sodium so I do not show plain oats to save space but when they have additions they rate a mention. 

Kellogg's Coco pops OsAldi Golden Vale Choco pillows

Aldi Golden Vale oat sensationsMacro Morning BalanceFarmers Choice cereal

Freedom foods website www.freedomfoods.com.au shows many breakfast products with low sodium levels and some types of chips.

Uncle Tobys Fruity BitesAnchor Oats with Sultanas apple & honey

Freedom Foods MUESLI Breakfast Bar

Kellogg's Sustain
Arnold's farm apple cranberry oat clusters

Wheet-Bix Kids

If you crave a Bix type product try Weet-Bix Kids.

Sanitarium Puffed Wheat

Kellogg's Wholegrain Mini-Wheats

Sanitarium Honey Weets

Woolwortha Natura Morning Balance
Orgran Super grains Amaranth
Uncle Tobys Fitnesse

Uncle Tobys Plus Fibre MixOrganic Ginger Zing Crunchy CerealKellogg's Just RightJust Right Clusters & 5 Grains


Woolworths Select GreatStart Berry cereal
22/3/15  Great Start berry still low sodium but standard variety sodium has increased to 170mg/100g.

SunSol Bircher Style Natural MuesliFreedom Foods Muesli
Two examples of the myriad of mueslis that are readily available.

Most mueslis do not have any salt added and thus have sodium levels of about 20mg/100g or less. There are so many of them that I do not have room to add them to this site except for a couple of examples. It is disappointing that some mueslis are being "improved" by having salt added so be careful.

Basco Honey Rings cerealAlso available DIGESTIVE 1st sodium 56mg/100g  and  Heart 1st 42mg/100g.
Goodness Superfoods Protein 1st
Green's Natural Bran Rice branLowan Kids Honey oats


Select Naturals Bran Cereal
Lowan Kids GrizzliesMilo DuoMilo CerealBokomo Toased nut crush

Aldi Honey Wheats

Uncle Tobys Shredded Wheat

Norganic 9 Wholegrain CrunchLowan Soy Flakes
Arnold's Farm Breakfast Bars