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Low Sodium Cakes & sweet Biscuits
I would love to have a low sodium savory biscuit section but I can find only matzo to put on it.

I have suspended most additions to this section.
There are a great number of rich gourmet biscuits that are low sodium
and you should have no problem locating something suitable.

Hover cursor over product for sodium level and additional details.

Coles passionfruit creams

Aldi Sesame SnapsIGA macadamia cookies

Bulk lamingtons
Also Woolworths Choc Lamington Fingers 110mg/100g 9300633901844.

White Wings Creamies

Cake Mark Macaroons
Gluten free Macaroons and Delights


WeightWatchers Belgin eclairsLeda gingernut cookie

Gluten free Gingernuts

Balocco Amaretti biscuitsCALAIS MeringuesAldi meringue nests

Jaffa Cakes

Dave found these mint crisps in the Kosher section of Coles. A Rocky Road Slice similar to this one is available from Woolworths Bar code 9300633964764 sodium 68mg/100g.
Coles fresh Shortbread Fingers

Eskal Mint CrispsIGA Rocky Road Slice

Kaak from the Bakery's KingKez's Biscuits
Kaak (Ka'ak) can be found where middle eastern foods are sold. Look for a brand that has no sodium bicarbonate or baking powder. It comes in different shapes. This was from The Bakery's King 02 96442909.

Bahlsen First Class wafers

Vittoria SavoiardiVittoria Amaretti

Fritz Iced Spicey Gingerbread

For low sodium look for biscuits like Fritz pfeffernusse that use ammonium or potassium bicarbonates as raising agents. For an almost no sodium cracker try one of the many brands of Matzos (On the main food page). 

Hageman Rice Bites

Arnott's Tina WaferArnott's Triple Wafer

Cadbury Crunchie Squiggle TopsArnott's Mini Wagon Wheels
UNIBIC Sponge Fingers

Woolworths Neenish tarts

Two Byte Macaroons

Delizie Amaretti biscuits

Any biscuit like this amaretti that uses ammonium bicarbonate as a raising agent has a good chance of being low in sodium.


ORGRAN Biscotti (gluten free)Ital Almond Amaretti
D'Lush BiscuitsMangiami Amaretti
UNIBIC Almond Macaroon
Almond BreadARNOTT'S Marshians biscuits

Kez's Kitchen apricot breadGo-Go  Biscotti by MangiamiBetty Crocker Jam DropsRaspberry Lamingtons

Woolworths have a rang
e of lamingtons. The raspberry ones showed sodium just over the low sodium limit of 120.
Crisbi Fruit Cookie: Cherry

Woolworths FreeFrom biscuits

HILLE Honey Cake


WW free from box

Arnott's biscuitsAldi Chocolate and Hazelnut wafers

This selection of Arnott's biscuits have up to 150mg/100g and are thus not low sodium but a very ocassional one may not be a problem. 13/10/06  I just bought their Mandarin Slice 150mg/100g.

Fine Fare MarshipuffsWoolworths White Christmas Slice

This Woolworths White Christmas Slice is a new product. Nearer Christmas I will have a heap of Christmas cakes and puddings under 120mg/100g.

Woolworths Select Moist Coconut Macaroons
Woolworths Select Macadamia & Chocolate Shortbread

Aldi berry Cake
Pace Biscuits Cappuccino

Woolworths Select orange delightsKambaly Chocolate hearts

Arnott's Shrek RoyalsBonn Maman Rasberry tartlets

CALAIS Meringues 5 flavours

Leda Choculence Biscuits