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Processed Low sodium* food is hard to find in Australia

* Note "Low sodium" or "low salt" used when referring to food on this site indicates an average sodium level of 120mg/100g or less. 

Foods actually labelled "Low salt" or similar are required to have a sodium of 120mg/100g or less and there are very few of them.

Minor update 27/5/2021

Products are shown down the page.
If you find a product that is not listed please help by letting me know about it.

  Nutrition labels do change from time to time so always check for yourself before consuming.

Beware of products that are not true to label (see the WARNING below).

Join the discussion group at  http://ozdocit.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/saltmatters

  to get updates on new low salt products and warnings about incorrect labels.

 Have a look at the sort of labelling mistakes I have found here

Nothing on this site should be construed as medical or health advice or as advising you to make any change  to your diet.
The  fact that a product is shown on this site does not  necessarily mean that it is  endorsed  by  Dr Beard or any other person or authority.  I have not tasted some of these products and do not necessarily recommend them. Let your own taste buds be your guide.

This page was started after my wife and I decided to try and follow the Dietary Guidelines for Australian Adults. Part of that guideline states "choose foods low in salt".  Low Salt foods are defined by the Food Standards Code to be foods with 120mg /100g or less of sodium. I started reading nutrition labels and looking for products. By chance I discovered Lite-Bix  (now defunct) in a distant supermarket and realised that without that lucky break we could have spent years not knowing about it.

Salt matters by Dr Trevor beard
One Australian expert with an international reputation for convincing the sceptics that salt matters is the late Dr Trevor Beard, Senior Research Fellow at the Menzies Research Institute in Hobart. He spent most of his professional career in Australia and had been controlling his own salt intake for 26 years.  He was a co-author of  the salt guideline in the Australian Dietary Guidelines (2003) and was an Honorary Life Member of the Australian Nutrition Foundation. He was elected Senior Australian of the Year 2006 for Tasmania for his work on salt.

Note. There are many products that are mentioned in Salt Matters  that I have not seen personally and those products may not be on this website. You really need to buy the book.

Anyone who desires good health will find  Dr Beard's website fascinating.  Visit it at www.salt-matters.org

and are you controlling your previous salt intake, or thinking of doing so?
If so, use Dr Beard's special letter to your doctor.

Talk to your doctor about salt and make sure you take the Doctor's Letter.  Every doctor who reads it will understand why you needed to bring it.

Patients get better value when they take a letter from one doctor to another.  Equally important—your doctor will notice you are not going off and doing something silly without getting the proper medical advice that sick people need when they take prescribed medication.

Click The doctor's letter.pdf.  Read that letter yourself.   Ask your doctor to explain any bits you don't understand.

Are you eager to get started on a low salt diet?

SMANZ  has produced just what you need to get started.

30 pages of practical information www.smanz.info


 I know of three Australian low sodium recipe books.

50 Easy Low Salt Recipes.  Latest 2017 edition.  An A5 booklet of 34 pages. Gabrielle (who is a Home Economist) has developed no-added-salt recipes with interesting flavours. Her book has Australian recipes for meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, dips, soups, pizza, sauces & dressings, and biscuits & cakes. She has used all her recipes on a daily basis for her family and friends, so they are well tested. Price is $12 + $2 P & H.  Payment of $14 should be sent by cheque or money order (note: Australia only),  For enquiries, contact Gabrielle at    bbluett1@optusnet.com.au   or phone (02) 8084 9790. 

 A recipe book by Emily George --  THE NO SALT COOKBOOK  -- I have not read it yet but details are on her website www.thenosaltspot.com 

The Dizzy Chef ~ Healthy Cooking.  The Ménière´s Support Group of Victoria has produced this Australian low sodium cookbook containing 100 pages (A5 double spiral bound)  with 16 full page colour photos of some of the recipes! You can can order through the Ménière´s Resource and Information Centre  at a cost of $19.95 + $2 postage (Non members) For information contact   info@menieres.org.au  To print the order form click here.  Dizzy Chef order form.

I have given some products their own page to speed up loading
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Low salt Breakfast Cereals (BC)
The over 120mg section (OV)
Low sodium Cakes and sweet biscuits (SB)

Don't forget to look at these non product sections.
  Estimating the sodium in a food using chloride test strips. 
Reducing the salt in bacon, an experiment.
Food Traffic light demonstration.
Low sodium Eating while out and about.
 30 low sodium dinners. 
low sodium bread 
low sodium baking tips.
Sodium levels can be wrong -- How to avoid incorrect labels"
Some  low sodium recipes including condiments.
Low salt Sausages
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This website is all about hard to find low sodium processed foods.

I do not show foods where there are many low sodium examples.

Pasta (hard), grains, tinned and dried fruit, sweets, sweet dairy, milks etc. are not shown.

Meat, Seafood with backbones, Vegetables, Fruit and other fresh or unprocessed foods are naturally low in sodium.

One way to avoid sodium is not to buy processed foods.

Recent Low Sodium News.

Get the latest low sodium news and discuss salt related matters on the Saltmatters mailing list.
You are welcome to join at http://ozdocit.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/saltmatters

Coles NAS sliced mushrooms discontinued 12/18
Heinz NAS Baked Beans no longer made 10/17
Nimbin Natural Cheese renamed Norco Natural Cheese 10/17 thanks Jenifer
Coles NAS salmon discontinued 6/17
Australia's first specialist low sodium mail order shop has opened for business. Please support them LowSodiumFoods.com.au

The Latest Low Sodium Food Finds.

 (OV) = Over 120mg section   (SB) = Sweet Biscuits and Cakes section   (BC) = Breakfast Cereals

Hart & Soul Sweet Potato + Ginger & Turmeric Soup this page Thanks Rick
3 Coles ready  meals 4/7/2019 this page Thanks Rick
Woolworths Australian minced garlic 14/6/2019 this page Thanks Kim
Woolworths canned carrots 5/5/2019 this page
Woolworths NAS beans and lentils 26/4/2019 this page
Woolworths Macro Organic NAS beans and lentils 6/1/2019 this page
Aldi Piatti Fresh Bolognese Pasta Sauce 19/8/18 (OV)
Logicol Health + margarine 17/5/18 this page Thanks Marion
Kerrygold NAS butter blend 6/5/18 this page
Campbell's 100% Natural Stocks 21/4/18 this page Thanks Fran
Coles Southern Smoked Sweet Potato & Black Bean Burgers (OV) 21/4/18 Thanks Greg
Continental Multi-Dish Gourmet Paste Thai 15/2/18 this page
Market Grocer Mango Chili Coconut dressing 25/1/18 this page thanks Beth
Absolute Organics Baked Beans 5/11/17 this page thanks Rick
Additions to rice cakes and canned tomatoes 4/11/17 this page thanks Leah
Spring Gully Spiced Gherkin Rounds 24/10/17 this page thanks Paul
King Oscar Brisling Sardines in springwater 14/10/17 this page thanks Paul
King Oscar Mackerel in Spring Water 4/6/17 this page thanks Beth
Maggi spice packs 14/12/16 this page
Aldi Colway " Gourmet" salad dressings 16/10/16 this page
Always Fresh Balsamic Beetroot Relish 5/9/16 this page
Vital Choice NAS salmon 8/8/16 this page
La Cassa Del Formaggio mozzerella and bocconbini 6/8/16 this page
Woolworths Homebrand sardines in spring water 14/2/16 this page
Woolworths  Delicious Nutritious frozen meals 24/2/2016 (OV)
McCain Healthy Choice Thai Red Curry frozen meal 4/1/2016 this page
McCain Healthy Choice Moroccan Lamb Tagine frozen meal 4/1/2016  (OV)
Baxter's sweet chili relish 22/12/15 this page thanks Susan
Galbani mozzarella and bocconcini at Woolworths 22/12/15 this page thanks Sue
Ryvita Crunch Fruit & Oat 6/12/15 this page thanks Ellen
Thomas Chipman unsalted potato chips 26/10/15 this page thanks Lauren
Annabel Karmel children's frozen meals 4/9/15  this page thanks Sue
Birds Eye Steam Fresh Quinona with brown rice & cherry tomatoes 19/7/15 this page
Herbamare low salt substitute 4/5/15 this page thanks Dave
Peckish Brown Rice Crackers No Salt 13/11/14 this page thanks Lauren
Rosella Garlic 17/9/14 this page
Woolworths Select  NAS Sweet Corn Kernels 3/9/14 this page thanks David
Lighthouse Quickbread Banana Base Mix 31/8/14 this page
Three Threes Beetroot Super Strips at IGA 3/8/14 no picture yet thanks Veronica
Woolworths Free From White Corn Tortillas 31/7/14 this page thanks Rick
Woolworths Select Whole cooked Beetroot 31/7/14 this page
Safcol tuna in springwater 425g can 27/6/14 this page thanks Alison
Momo's stocks 21/6/14 this page thanks Allan
Rosella Green Tomato Chutney 12/6/14 this page
Coles Passionfruit Creams 24/5/14 (SB)
Golden Circle Beetroot 19/5/14 this page
Woolworth's Select Pumpkin Soup 8/5/14 (OV) thanks Allan
Eti No Salt Biscotte toast found at Harris Farm Markets 20/4/14 thanks Lynda
Coles Simply Less frozen Chicken & Vegetable Thai Green Curry 14/3/14 (OV) thanks Fiona
Aldi New Season Lentils 23/3/14 this page
Aldi tomato paste tubs 5/1/14 this page
Aldi gluten free self raising flour 27/11/13 (OV)

Put the cursor on a product to see the sodium content shown on the nutrition label and shopping hints but beware products that are not true to label (see the WARNING below).

Note the low sodium foods are shown to aid recognition and more importantly  to prove to you that low sodium processed foods really do or did exist. Their pictures are not to scale.

Woolworths garlic

Woolworths canned carrots

Lurpak has a similar product to Kerrygold see down page.

A range of no added salt stocks.

Click for Absolute Organic website

King Oscar sardines in  springwater

Always Fresh beetroot relish


La Cassa Del Formaggio

Thomas Chipman chips

Macro tomatoes with basil & oregano

Peckish brown rice cracker no salt

At last a no salt cracker. Found in Coles, Woolworths and independents.
If not stocked ask if your independent grocer will get you in a carton of 12.
If you cannot find the No Salt type the Lightly Salted has a sodium level of 120mg/100g.

Eti Biscotte
This unique No Salt Biscotte toast was discovered at Harris Farm Markets NSW also Woolworths.
Lighthouse banana bread mix
Golden Circle beetroot
After a long absence a low sodium  beetroot is back.  333's has beetroot strips picture soon.
Woolworths select beetroot

Cooksimple curry

Praise all natural salad dressingsUncle Bens rice

Momo's stocks
green tomato chutney

Mures fish stockCelebrate Health stocks

Pacific stocks
Pacific also has a similar vegetable stock.
The Stock Merchant stocks
Vegeta Delight vegetable stockVegeta Chicken Stock

Vegeta also has a beef stock powder 122mg/100ml.

Caution this listing is only for liquid stock made following the directions. The stock powder itself is very salty. For example the vegetable powder has a caculated  sodium level of around 18,000mg/100g

Love beets
Aldi Octoberfest mustard

Aldi Oktoberfest Sweet Bavarian Mustard.

Quorn meat substitute mince

Steam Fresh Rice There are many unspiced frozen low sodium vegetable mixes that are not shown.
This is a low sodium spiced product.
19/7/15 also Quinona with brown rice & cherry tomatoes sodium 121mg/100g

McCain Lemon ChickenAlso McCain Thai Red Curry sodium 120mg/100g
Sandhurst grilled capsicum
Anathoth Tomato Relish

SausagesLow salt sausages from Bresnahan's Butchery Mortdale NSW Ph 95708188
Osperio Lentils
Always fresh roasted sweet potato

Casalare White Rice Crumbs

Aldi Has No rice crmbsOrgran rice crumbsOrgran Corn Crispy Crumbs

Beerenberg molassesMichael's Lemon & Herbs Dressing
Kan Tong Inspirations Honey ChicknMasterFoods Slow Cooker Lamb Casserole

Ricardoes Pasta SaucePozza filled pastaaBacci's filled pasta
Pasta sauce available by mail order  Click on pictures for websites.          Have a search around and you may find a local  manufacturer of filled pasta. If you do you may find that unlike the major supermarket brands they have some low salt products.  I picked up these two Pozza products from their factory shop in Lidcombe NSW.  Look in Fruit Barns, Independent Grocers and Supermarkets.

There are some ranges of filled pastas which show a sodium level of over 120mg/100g but the sodium level as stated on the label may relate to the uncooked product (it should be clearly stated if it is). Boiling in water adds about 50% to the weight so for example a tortellini marked with 140 will end up at about 90mg/100g.  Adding some NAS pasta sauce will lower the sodium concentration further.

Simply Wize GF Pizza CrustOSEM Sunny wheat cracker

This is the only NAS wheat cracker I have ever found except for matzo.
Found in the kosher section of Coles.

Dijon corn chipsMexico City corn chisMexico City & Natures earth corn chips various flavours seen in Grocers.
Natures Earth corn chios
If in NZ look for Mexicano natural chips thanks for the tip Trina.

Spring Gully Sweet Mustard Pickles
Picasso onion jam
Rosella Ginger and Rosella Garlic
Rosella also has Minced Garlic.

A range of Golden Circle Garden
vegetables is available.
Golden Circle Garden vegetables

Some cocoa powder is processed using sodium compounds and has a
 Nestle Baking Cocoasodium level around 600mg/100g.  The types shown and perhaps others have sodium levels less than 20mg/100g.
Nestle Plaistowe Cocoa

Emily's Kitchen meals Woolworths meals from their chilled section.
Some examples I have seen are are :-
Lamb Shanks
Salmon & Rice 100mg/100g 9300633755249
Sweet & Sour Chicken 45mg/100g  9300633195762
Ratatouille 67mg/10g 9300633328283.
There are some just over 120mg, a Mushroom Risotto and others.
Labelled sodium may vary batch to batch.

Tender Loving Cuisine frozen meals
Frozen complete meals are great for when you do not feel like cooking but low salt versions are few and far between. The good news is that a large range of low salt meals can be delivered direct to your freezer by Tender Loving Cuisine. The sodium level in all TLC meals is determined using special software and I am advised that the meals that have their low salt logo have had an additional laboratory test which confirmed the sodium was at or below 120mg/100g.   Freecall 1800 801 200  or visit  www.tlc.org.au  They have an extensive selection of meals with the low salt logo.

Chang's wok ready noodles

Boil noodles with your own stock to replace salty packet noodles
There are a few brands of Ramon and Udon noodles. 
Obemto noodles

Bamboo Pot Hokkien noodlesPanraroo Thai rice noodlesPandaroo Chinese rice noodles

There are too many brands of rice noodles to show them all.
You should have no trouble finding some low sodium ones.
Avoid any that taste of salt.

Boargs Butter Puff pasteryPampas Butter Puff PastryWoolworths chilled dessert pies

Many of Woolworths own range of pies are low sodium, see their chilled section.

Greens Creme Caramel

Nanna's Blackberry & Apple Crumble

Ice cream is low sodium and you can easily make a sweet with it from puff pastry or use Nanna's ready made frozen crumble.

Rice Cream
There are a few other brands of rice cream.
Sara Lee range of bavarians
Sara Lee has a range of 4 Bavarians all below 120mg/100g.
Banquet (not shown) make bavarians also.
Heinz Creamed RiceWeightWatchers chocolte mousse

The Mocha and Strawberry versions are also low sodium.

Dehydrated foodsContinental Dehydrated PotatoGoing hiking or want something in the cupboard for a rainy day? Home Brand has dehydrated peas and beans, Coles has peas and Continental has Surprise sliced Beans. The sodium ranges from 55 to 110mg/100g.  Plain couscous can be ready to eat in 5 minutes by adding boiling water.
Prepared as directed Continental Potato Mash has a sodium level of 235mg/ 165g serve ie 142mg/100g but this is using a salt reduced spread. If you want lower sodium  use NAS butter or oil. and if you really want the lowest sodium you can use water instead of milk. If you do then the sodium will be just the 735mg from the 100g packet of powder giving a result of 116mg/100g for the 635g of mash. Their sour cream & herb version (not shown) has slightly less sodium.

$ Brands of Couscous

Couscous is ready to serve in 5 minutes with the addition of boiling water. The low sodium plain varieties are usually found in the pasta section.

Woolworths Salads


  Quick low salt meals are hard to find. On a recent trip we stretched the budget by eating in our hotel room occasionally.  One of these Woolworths salads and a similar garden salad with a can of tuna slices formed the main course. Sweets were a similarly packed pavlova.

King Oscar also have sardines in pure spring water
sodium 63mg/100g bar code 7027118000077


The surrounding water is saltier than the product itself so always drain a product if practical and rinse it if you want less sodium still. Most fish in water must be drained to give the reading on the label. The sodium level in canned fish can vary. If it tastes salty it probably is.

Safcol 425g tuna

Aldi Portview sandwich tuna in springwater

Fish with backbones are low sodium and the unadulterated frozen version is of course, also low sodium. Low sodium plain frozen fish is fairly common and for that reason it is not shown on this website. The products below rate a mention as they are in bags ready to microwave and they are buried among piles of similar looking products "enhanced" in various salty ways.

Tassal also has a plain version 9313071143152 sodium 66mg/100g.
Tassal salmon smoked

Tassal Atlantic salmon fillets

Laucke Wafer GrainsAustralian Eatwell Vegie pasta sauce

DOREE Fried onions

Lemon grass

Purea Water

You may be getting a significant amount of sodium from your drinking water.
"In major Australian reticulated supplies, sodium concentrations vary from 3 mg/L to 300 mg/L,
with a typical value of 50 mg/L. Concentrations can vary markedly with local conditions."
"People with severe hypertension or congestive heart failure may need to restrict their overall dietary
intake of sodium further if the concentration in drinking water exceeds 20 mg/L."

An adequate adult  intake of sodium is 460-920 mg/day (National Health and Medical Research Council
Nutrient Reference Values for Australia and New Zealand).

My tip is to know the sodium level in your water supply and be very cautious if you use a water softener as these add sodium without special chemicals being used.
Look for a water where the sodium is declared.
For example Noble's Pureau (pictured on the left) is labelled sodium 0mg/L
Click on the picture for their website.

ESKAL Free Nut ButterMacro peanut butterMayver's Health Time TahiniaMacro found at Woolworths. Most brands have smooth & crunchy as well.
Look also in the healh food section.

You'll love Coles Smooth Peanut ButterSanitarium Natural peanut butterMelrose nut spreadsNAYTURA Almond Brazil Cashew SpreadLino spreadsLino spreads
Nutella Hazelnut Spread

CSR Golden syrup

Woolworths Select, MasterFoods  have lemon spreads below 120mg/100g.
Lemon Spread

Masterfoods Lemon Butter

Edgell Red Kidney Beans NASEdgell Four Bean Mix NASEdgell canned peas & carrots

Trident Whole green PeppercornsImported water chestnuts
Water chestnuts are popular now in the major supermarkets and there are even some house brands.

Edgell  also has EXTRA SWEET CORN KERNELLS in 3 sizes with sodium 107mg/100g.

Coles NAS asparagus spears
Woolworths also has 3 other corn kernels with sodium 33-105mg/100g.

Select NAS sweet cornEdgell corn kernelsColes corn kernelsGolden Circle Green Peas
Aldi corn

Osha Mixed vegetables

Home Brand Water Chestnuts

There are some other brands and types of Chinese low sodium canned vegetables around like bamboo shoots.

Woolworths std canned beans and lentils

Appetit butter beansAppetit borlotti beansAppetit cannellini beansAppetit chick peasAppetit kidney beansAppetit 4 bean mixAldi lentils

Outback Spirit Kakadu plum & sweet chilli sauce
Dald Honey Macadamias
There are many unsalted nuts around but not many with added flavour that do not have salt.
Aldi had these Honey Macadamias and Indian Chai Almonds.

Also look for Woolworths Select Nut Assortment  9300633960278   56mg/100g

Heinz Chutney Spicy Mango

Except where stated otherwise the low salt foods have been found in Franklins, Woolworths, Coles, Aldi  or IGA  but as not all stores keep the same stock you will have to shop around and do a lot of traveling. If you contact me I may be able to narrow down your search. It is not easy in fact I am having to re-find some low salt foods for my own use. When I do find them I buy in bulk.  If you are using raw or  unprocessed ingredients, making a low sodium meal presents few problems, it is when you start to add processed food that keeping the sodium level low get difficult so I have concentrated on processed foods. The bar codes shown may help when dealing with shops. Frozen vegetables are usually low in sodium but it would pay to check.

Wilds Easy Sauce

Masterfoods Mango ChutneyBy rJILL'S TRADITIONAL TOMATO RELISHeading the NUTRITION INFORMATION you will learn a lot about low sodium foods. There is a couple of things to watch out for.  Remember that it is the total sodium that counts so if you are going to eat a lot of something it is very important to watch the sodium content. Do not be tricked  when you see .4g of sodium, .4g = 400mg. Sometimes standard products have only a little more sodium than competing products that are salt reduced, so check the price and taste. If you seriously have to reduce sodium try to use "No added Salt" products after confirming that their sodium content is low. There are a couple of no added salt (NAS) brands of tomato paste so do not take the risk of using non NAS varieties even if they show a low amount of sodium. Check out "Diet" and "Light" products, some may be low sodium. Check sweet syrups. Maple flavoured syrups may have from 160 to 210mg/100g. Pure maple syrups may cost more but have about 2mg/100g. Vinegars including Balsamic types are low sodium foods although they are mostly not marked (or marked with mmol). Do not confuse vinegerette or Balsamic vinegar dressings with the basic vinegars as most "dressings" are high in sodium.

  The motto is to always read the NUTRITION INFORMATION.
My advice is to give your taste buds time to adjust to the new taste and if you really do not like a product and you can not find an alternative re-try it again in a few months. 

AYAM Asian Curry Powder
Bolst's Curry powdersOnly some curry powders have no added salt.  A curry powder with no added salt may have a little over 120mg/100g (from concentration of the natural sodium and some unnatural perhaps) and still be suitable. For example a curry powder like Bolsts (170mg/100g) that is added at the rate of 1 tablespoon (8g) per 500g of meat or vegetable would only add about 3mg/100g to the cooked dish.

If salt is listed as an ingredient a sodium level below about 400mg/100g is unlikely. Spice shops and Indian grocers have many curry powders that list no salt, for example Kings, Jothi, Rabeena and Larich brands.  To confirm that a curry powder has salt place a little on the moistened tongue. The salt will be apparent before the spice flavours as salt dissolves almost instantly. Any taste of salt means the sodium level is not around 30mg/100g and is perhaps over 500mg/100g. 

GFresh spices Onion Powder
Sometimes it is necessary to look at a larger container of a particular product to see a nutrition panel. Keen's mustard powder (not shown) has less than 5mg sodium/100g but it is was not  shown on my 50g tin but was on a new 100g one. 

The GFresh spice and herb range all have nutrition panels, batch numbers and use before dates. For details and where to buy see www.gfresh.com.au
I use use their onion and garlic powders and keep them in the freezer to keep them free flowing.

Woolworths All Purpose SeasoningMasterfoods Mexican ChilliMasterfoods herb and garlic seasoning

Also but not shown Masterfoods NAS Lemon pepper  93100121029601

Most single spices or herbs are low salt. Check the ingredients list.
Salt can be detected easily when a little spice is placed on the tongue.

All the samples of sumac I have seen contained about 8% salt although salt may not have been listed as an ingredient.

Mrs Dash seasonings

These are just some of the many salt free Mrs dash products that are available from the USA.
Ebay may be the easiest way to purchase them in Australia.

                                    Where are all the low salt cracker biscuits.  You tell me!
Solomom's Tea MatzoI have not found any replacement for cracker type biscuits except  Peckish Brown NO SALT rice crackers and  Matzo of various brands  that can be found in the Kosher section of Coles and in many delicatessens. Most matzo are big at about 18cm square but SOLOMON'S TEA MATZO are a smaller more handy size (8.5  X 13cm). I really miss Mosmarks matzo Crackers which were SAO sized at 7 X 7.5 cm.

Click here to see where you can  buy Matzo and other Kosher foods.  
Solomon's Matzo
Pureharvest Natural Rice Cakes
SunRice 5 gain Thin Grain Cakes
There are a few brands and types of rice and corn cakes and the plain ones are usually low in sodium.
Sun Rice Thick Sliced Rice CakesAt Aldi look for Damora brand.

EASY THIN Corn cakes

Sun Rice Original Thin Rice Cakes Gluten Free 1mg/100g.
Sun Rice Rice & Corn Thin Rice Cakes Gluten Free 2mg/100g. Thanks Leah.

Brumbys Bread Shops may at their discretion make salt free bread for you on special order.

Make your own low salt bread. Click here.

Pure Life ESSENE Bread
Naturis Organic salt free wholemealNaturis Fruit and Nut Loaf

My latest trip to an organic grocer yielded these two NATURIS  low salt breads.
Naturis also have|- 
Organic spelt fruit buns 60mg/100g
Rice loaf gluten free 90mg/100g
see www.naturis.com.au for their online shop and suppliers.

the real bread mix --Gluten Free
 The real bread mix gluten free loaf needs the addition of yeast and sugar and works well without the addition of salt. Click on the product for the web-site. See my page on low sodium bread making.

There is a big range of frozen vegetables that are not enhanced in flavour and have only natural sodium and they are not shown on this site (except for spinach, as only some brands are under 120mg/100g). Raw silverbeet (Swiss chard) has the surprisingly high sodium level of 212mg/100g (NUTTAB) while English spinach has only 23mg/100g (NUTTAB).

Birds Eye chopped spinach

Logan Farm frozen spinach with onionOlivers Spinach
You'll Love Coles Chopped Spinach

Home brand spinach

Heinz spinachAldi Market Fare Spinach
I show frozen spinach because one popular brand is over 120mg/100g.

Aldi has Market Fare frozen spinach..

Try frozen spinach in the pasta recipe in the recipe section.

Sun Rice @ Smart Rice Microwave rices

Normal rice is a low sodium food and I have not bothered to list it on this site. There are very few low sodium  convenience foods available so anything that saves time and eases the workload is worth a mention. There is quite a range but look for sodium below 40mg/100g and watch out for the flavoured types that have added salt.

COLAVITA Balsamic Glaze

Of  the three Balsamic Glazes I could find on a trip to Woolworths the COLAVITA brand is the only one with a sodium level that I could interpret. One had no nutrition label and the other had sodium shown as 0·00 mmol/100ml ie. less than ·2mg/100ml and undoubtedly a mistake. Recently Woolworths have introduced a big range of their own brand balsamic glazes—all low salt.

CAFE DIP Fresh Aioli 

Lenard's Chicken

Tinned tomatoes need not have added salt and it is so common that they may not be marked NAS but others have heaps of salt. The only way to tell is to read the nutrition label. Various brands are available  with 10mg of sodium per 100g or less .  With Click for canned tomato informationgood tasting and readily available low sodium tinned tomatoes available there is no excuse for using the salty types. Click on the picture of these cans to see more. No added salt tomato paste is readily available. I have not found tomato juice without added salt so I use canned tomatoes liquefied in a blender with a little no added salt tomato paste.

Coles $martbuy tomato paste
Muir Glen Organic Tomato PasteLeggo's Tomato Paste NASFountain NAS tomato pasteLeggo's Tomato Paste
Also Leggo's in a 510g jarLeggo's tubs of tomato paste
Global Organics Tomato paste

Aldi tomato paste
These Aldi paste tubs are marked in small print "No added salt"
Aldi also has large jars of tomato paste with a low sodium level.

Also look out for  San Remo Italian style cooking sauce.

Pop's Tomato Sauce
Aldi Carloni PASSATA Tomato Cooking SauceYou'll Love Coles Italian Pasaata
Woolworths Select NAS tomatoes shown above with Select NAS range.

Ardmona Tomato Puree No Added SaltLeggo's tomato puréeArdmona duo tomatoes and paste
La Gina Premium Italian passata

Ardmona Basil and Garlic Diced Tomatoes & Paste 7mg/100g.
Ardmona Diced Tomatoes Vine Ripened 6mg/100g. Thanks Leah.

Birds Eye Oven Bake chipsSausages
If you can get your hands some fish fillets (see the over 120 section) adding some frozen chips (look for sodium about 15mg/100g)  makes for an easy low sodium meal.

Birds Eye have a range with fat ranging from about 3.5g/100g and there are many other brands.

 You can usually find a few brands of unsalted butter but you may like to try Cultured unsalted. To quote the Allowrie package it "Has a subtle tang which gives extra flavour without the addition of salt".  The Lurpak shown in a tub is a NAS butter blend.

Lurpak spreadable Lurpak Danish ButterAllowrie Cultured unsalted European Style Butter

Perfect Italiano RicottaMamma Lucia Cheesre RicottaButtermilk
Here is an easy way to turn Buttermilk into a low salt cottage cheese.


Quarg Continental Skim Milk Cottage CheeseQuarg soft spreadable cheese

Tempo  www.tempofoods.com.au have a range of Kosher soft cheeses.

Not shown is their Continental Slicing Creamed Cottage Cheese,  sodium 92mg/100g 9313558200619

Organic Farmers mozzerella

Salt Skip Cheese

The only low salt cheddar style cheese made in Australia is available by mail order from the dairy in Tasmania.  www.pyenganadairy.com.au
Phone 03 63736157  Email cheese@pyenganadairy.com.au

Kato Chutneys


A low sodium lunch can be a sandwich of my home made bread with some chicken, sliced roast meat, curried egg, baked beans or salad. If you have no home made low sodium bread look through the specialty breads section in the supermarket. Also check pita or pocket breads as some have low sodium.  A bowl of home made low sodium soup with a home made grain bread roll is a winter treat.

Tilda kids rice mealsVarious Todler foods
Toddler food is widely available and not that expensive because of the scale of manufacture. A couple of these 220g cans of soup can make a good adult serve. Some of the other more solid foods from the huge selection may be nice on some toast for lunch.  They won't make you hyperactive either as most have no preservatives, colours or artificial flavours.

4/9/15  Sue reports Annabel Karmel frozen children's meals  at Coles for example  Mild Butter Chicken sodium 114mg/100g.

Pitango toddler meals
HEINZ Little Kids corn cakes

Free From corn tortillas

Coles Taco Shells

Home Brand Taco Shells
Diegos and Mission brands have a similar products (Tortillas and taco shells) and one brand can be found in most supermarkets. Fry some mince with Masterfoods chili seasoning, chop some lettuce onion  and tomato add a dash of Jills tomato relish and you have a meal.

Woolworths also have a pack  of 12 taco shells under the Select banner  9300633980757  8mg/100g

Coles 15 Taco Shells
Woolworths Select Easy Fill Taco Shells

Fountain mint sauce
Cornwell's Mint Sauce

A low sodium dinner is more of a challenge if you do not cook it from scratch. You soon learn some tricks though. We used to put sliced processed cheese (Sodium 1735mg/100g) on our microwaved broccoli  for a quick sauce but now we use a mint sauce (Sodium  less than 11mg/100g). If you need inspiration check out the page on 30 low sodium dinners.

Put the cursor on a product to see the sodium content shown on the nutrition label and shopping hints but beware products that are not true to label (see the WARNING below).


Abundant Earth Puffer CornIGA way of life chips

These NAS IGA chips (from 2006) may now be in a new design of packet.
Not many stores stocked them but I had no difficulty when I offered to buy a whole carton. They disappeared but Lynn reports (2013) that they have returned to the shelves.

IGA chip carton

A collection of fruit and nut bars

Freedom Foods Omega Bar
There are too many  low sodium snack bars to list them all.
Norganis Breakfast bars

F G Roberts Gluten Free Self raising Flour.The only low sodium self raising flour that I know of but you can make your own with a no sodium baking powder.
V8 Low sodium vegetable juiceP & N Brekky Juice carrot comboBERRI Juice it up
Gplden Circle Healthy Life Juice

Fruit juices are low sodium so they are not shown.  Vegetable juice however is often salty.  BERRI, TIPCO,  Golden Circle,  V8,  P&N, and generic brands can be found that combine fruit and carrot and are low sodium.

V8 Fruit & Veg Juice

Bamboo shoots

Beerenberg Mint Jelly

The only thick mint jelly with low sodium I can find . It passed a sodium test.

Black & Gold Corn RelishNo Frills Corn relishColes Corn Relish

Also  Ocean Spray -Jellied Cranberry Sauce Sodium - 50mg/100g 9331200777968 Thanks Sue.

SPC Cranberry Sauce

Rics now Australian Sweets

Dried fruit is often a low salt food. We have stewed apples with sultanas and cinnamon on our breakfast cereal. We regularly visit RICS (now Australian Sweets) at 179-183 Paramatta Rd Homebush NSW to stock up. Some dried fruit preserved with sodium based preservatives can have high sodium levels for example mixed peel and even some dried apple.

Rosella garlic

GALIKO CHILLI, GARLIC, GINGERBamar's crushed garlic

Bamar's crushed garlic found in Harris Farm Markets

Food song quiche florentineQuiche Florentine

There are a range of quiches including some house brands.

 Other products that may not be in the large supermarket chains.

The following low sodium foods were found in health food shops, specialist grocers, over the internet or at factory outlets. Your supermarket may also have them. Put your cursor on the product for more information. Salt Skip Cheese

The only low salt cheddar style cheese made in Australia is available by mail order from the dairy in Tasmania.
Phone 03 63736157  Email cheese@pyenganadairy.com.au


Astralain eatwell vegi burgers

Syndian Veg BurgersRegimental Condiment Company

Kuhne Sweet bavarian mustard.Australian Harvest Organic Aubergine Chutney
Hill Farm mustards

Hill Farm for a range of low sodium mustards.


Health valley Organic Vegetable SoupHealth valley Organic Minestrone

For over half a centuary The Treat Factory has hand made fine foods in Australia. This is their selection of low sodium mustards under the MAXWELLS TREATS brand, all have no added salt.

Eden organic NAS Spaghetti sauce

Eden Organic beans range

Some of the EDEN ORGANIC range are available in supermarkets but to get most types you will have to go to other shops. The label is not to the Australian standard as the sodium is quoted per 130g serve but the 5 shown with blue labels are NO ADDED SALT and have below 25mg/100g.
The Baked Beans have 100mg/100g (130mg/130g on label). The lentils are the odd ones out with 162mg/100g (210mg/130g on label)


\\Malene Clean Cuisine

MALENY CLEAN CUISINE  has a new name MALENY CUISINE and new labels. They continue to have a big range of products with "No added salt".  Click on the picture to go to their new website.

Osborne Olives

 Natural dried olives and dukkah from Osborne Olives
available by mail order Phone 02 6027 1503

Imagine these olives on this low sodium pizza from the recipe section.

Ricardoes Tomato chili sauceSpiral Foods crushed ginger and garlic

Spiral foods Organic minced garlic and minced ginger (not shown).

Empower Foods Power Wrap
Global Organics Organic LentilsIf you know of a specialist organic shop pay them a visit you may find some low sodium foods.
I managed to pick up cans of EDEN ORGANIC no added salt  Adukie  and  Navy beans, a packet of ORGANIC BY NATURE spelt chocolate chip cookies (68mg/100g) and GLOBAL ORGANICS®   NAS Lentils (they also have kidney beans and chick peas I have been told)—Not a bad haul.   I also discovered the  DEMETER FARM range of organic flours and grains.See my page on low sodium bread for details.  The health food stores I have visited so far do not  seem to carry many low sodium  processed foods  but are a good source of  flours and grains. Still they are worth a visit as my latest find of these low sodium cookies and wraps confirm.

Red Kellys dressings
Herbies Spices
Spices are important to add flavour to a low salt diet. When I needed Mace to make my own spicy sausage and I found it at Herbie's Spices®. They have a huge range of individual spices and at last count 47 No Added Salt spice blends.
Click on the spice picture for their website and look for their link to "No added salt spice blends".

Red Kellys dressings are in new bottles.  Traditional, Sweet Chilli, Lemon Myrtle, Pepperberry, Basil and Garlic, and Aussie BBQ are all low salt. Click on the bottles for the website. Aldi Colway brand has three flavours in similar bottles.

salt skip baking powder

Lotus baking powder

Standard baking powder has high sodium and thus so has self raising flour.  Salt Skip Baking Powder can be purchased by mail order from Eumarrah  Ph (03) 6273 9511  Have a look at how to make low sodium scones on my low sodium baking page.

Yeast can be used in place of baking powder to put the rise into great low sodium pikelets and pancakes (search with Google for yeast pancakes).  While you are Googling try looking for "low sodium whole grain crackers" ( use the "") this cracker recipe could be dressed up with an endless variety of herbs, spices and seeds.

Crazy Bull Chili Garlic Sauce

Salt Skip Stock Powder

Calcium Glutonate

The Salt Skip (TM) low sodium stock powders ( beef, chicken and vegetable) have about 1/3 the sodium of the lowest "Salt reduced" brands that I could find in a supermarket. The nil sodium  flavour enhancer is going into some spicy sausages first up then I will try it in other savoury recipes.

Greenacres organic peanut butter

A easy way to order Salt Skip products is to contact the Meniere’s Support Group of Victoria by phone, fax or email.
Postage and handling costs apply, depending on the size of the order.
Meniere’s Resource and Information Centre,
Suite 4
18-28 Skye Rd,
Frankston VIC 3199
Tel: (03) 9783 9233
Fax: (03) 9783 9208
Email: info@menieres.org.au

Lotus Savoury Yeast Flakes.

Crazy Bull Hot Chili SauceHealtheries Brewers Yeast

Savoury yeast flakes can be made into a low salt cheese substitute according to the recipe on the packet (omit the salt) and can be used to flavour dips.  I have found that sprinkled on pasta they make a good substitute for grated parmesan cheese with sodium of 32mg/100g instead of about 1700mg/100g for Parmesan.

Caution!  Healtheries Brewers yeast is low salt but not their savoury type.

Both these yeasts can make a black   ......mite type spread. see the recipe section.

Hermans Foods Creme d'Onion derssingKalima Organic Produce Chilli Ginger Sauce

Some other TVP's are Select Naturals  with 30 mg sodium per 100g (Light and Dark versions only)
and Soland TVP mince, with 15 mg sodium per 100 gm. Thanks Angela.
Planet Organic Vegetarian Mince

Favotite European Cranberry Sauce


Honeycup Mustards

  I hope you haven't forgotten the other sections.
Click on the following 8 links.

Low salt Breakfast Cereals (BC)

The over 120mg section (OV)

Low sodium Cakes and sweet biscuits (SB)

Low sodium Eating while out and about.

New page started that will show  30 low sodium dinners. 

 low sodium bread    Low salt Sausages    Some  low sodium recipes.   low sodium baking tips. 


Some products  may have the incorrect Sodium content marked on them.

I found 20 just trolling the shelves for this page. In each case I was able to pick them out because the sodium shown was very low for that type of product and they were not promoted as low sodium.  It is amazing that the manufacturers/importers allowed this to occur as it was so easily spotted. There almost certainly products out there with less blatant incorrect labeling that are not so easy for an amateur to spot. The food  authorities should be more vigilant.
I am not willing to name the products but if you follow this advice you will avoid the ones I have found.  Compare the sodium content with similar products and if it is significantly lower, for example 75mg for a non salt reduced tomato soup when competing soups are 400mg PER 100g presume you have found a potential problem. Contact the manufacturer.  If there is no satisfactory explanation for the low sodium avoid the product.  


If you found this page you may also be interested in my page on low sodium bread  .    perhaps my low sodium baking tips.or Some  low sodium recipes.

If you find a low Sodium version of a product please let me know. Any comments are welcome.

All Pictures produced with a Canon A30 (1·2MP) camera and worked over with  The Gimp and/or Irfanview.

I  pruchase low sodium foods that are available in Sydney supermarkets and local shops,   purchase some from mail order companies and to help defray the cost of obtaining products from interstate I have asked supliers to ship me free samples.