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Matza (Matzo, Matzah) Is an important product for the salt conscious as it is the only cracker type product (like a thin SAO) that I have found in Australia that has no added salt.  It is availabe by mail order from http://lowsodiumfoods.com.au/

For daily use try to buy the smallest size you can find. If you can not then for convenience I like to break up a few sheets and keep them handy in an air-tight container.

As it is a Kosher product it is only popular in certain areas. I put this question to the Salt Matters Mailing list and had back from Hilarey the following comprehensive reply with some additional information from Dave and Rick.

Hilarey :-

"If it's any help, Coles stocks kosher foods in stores that serve large Jewish communities.

Melbourne: Balaclava, Bentleigh, Caulfield, Donvale, Elsternwick, Malvern, Southland and Coles ONLINE.

Sydney: Bondi, Bondi Junction, Eastgardens, Pagewood and Lindfield . Not sure about Coles ONLINE, but it's definitely worth checking. Peter:- not available at Coles Online NSW or VIC  21/3/06.

Marsha:- Pernrith NSW: Coles nepean Square

Canberra: Manukah and Woden.

The following website lists stores other than Coles. It includes Perth, Adelaide, Queensland as well as Melbourne, Sydney, and


By the way, there is also low-salt matzo meal (coarse or fine) which is a good substitute for breadcrumbs. I think wholemeal matzos and matzo meal have the most flavour. Here in the "Bagel Belt",
there are also Gippsland Dairy Slicing Cheese and Skim Milk cheese, similar to cottage cheese but low-salt. If you've ever seen "dry curd" mentioned in Russian and other Eastern European recipes, this
is what they're talking about."


"We are fortunate to get Solomon's Matzos all year round, at Supabarn in Civic, Canberra and at our local IGA at O'Connor. We buy the wholemeal ones; white ones are available, but don't taste as good as the wholemeal ones"


"And while you are in the deli, look around or ask about low-salt foods and sauces etc - Our local deli stocks some low-salt foods, including low salt bread and Maleny products.
Lane Cove Coles has a Kosher section (somewhat to my surprise). Has Matzos and Matzo meal (to replace breadcrumbs). Has a number of other low salt items also."

Peter :-

"Here is another reference.


In Sydney I have been buying Solomons Matzo at Mega Fresh Deli Burwwood Plaza and at Norton Street Grocer Leichhardt.

Rick :-

Also Coles at Barkly Square in Brunswick,  plus Myer Food Hall in the city (at a price premium), and David Jones Food Hall (also at a price premium, and they don't stock the more flavoursome wholemeal version.)

In SA Coles Burnside Village or Contact

The Adelaide Hebrew Congregation's office open daily from 9.15am to 1.00pm and I believe it has a shop
Office phone: +61 8 8338 2922
Office fax: +61 8 8379 0142
Email: office@adelaidehebrew.com

13 Flemington Street
Glenside 5065 SA

Unleavened bread (small round)

If you can not find Matzo you can simply make your own. Click on picture for information.

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Here is a plea.
Would somebody import this product again. It was imported by Franklins and I am down to my last packet and now making my own version. They are just the perfect size for a snack and should have a place in the no fat,salt,sugar,,, market and sales would be all year.
Mosmarks label
Mosmarks Matzo Crackers