My home made computer deskSome things that have interested me and I think may be worth passing on.

My home made computer desk. The engine room of this web-site. The dual work surfaces give good display height and the cable mess can be shut away behind the hinged flap.

The Hunt For Low Sodium Products

Colour fringing caused by glasses (spectacles)

Bosch ignition control box 9 220 066 005 repair

Making a Pan Flute

Searching Mailman Archives

Paleo diet daily weight results

Repairing a Metronome

Dummy Tube Fluorescent Ballast Tester.

Leaking refrigerator repair.

Power fail alarm driver circuit with timed mute.

Low cost close up photography.

Traffic Light Food Labels Demonstration.

KVM Switch Ghost fix.

Computer side vent dust filter.

Funny running

Digital Scale Quirks.

Low Sodium ( Salt ) Grain Bread.

Low heat desk lamp (safer for kids).

Hot Water Tempering Valve (Plumbing tricks of the trade).

Sunbeam Toastermatic. A Toaster made to last

The MD41819 Fitness watch, Heart rate monitor

Some modern car keys do not like swimming

They don't make radios like this anymore.

Using a digital camera to help trace a circuit ( GOS-522 Oscilloscope )

Inkjet Coated Papers

Making Printed Circuit Boards

Automotive touch activated relay driver.

Possible asbestos danger

A Blood Pressure Record Chart

Rim Size and Tyre Pressure

Digital Zoom Benefits

Low Ohm Adaptor

Fluorescent Light Instant Starters

MY Old Computer

Electric Jug Safety

Slow Renovation

Modern cooktop with 4 1/2 years up

How to give a cat a tablet the easy way ---If you are lucky.

Toyota Crown MS112 Information

Electronic Thermometer Circuit


Extra Temperature Sensor for A7V Motherboard ( Replacing one thermister with another)

Reading Computer Fan Seed Optically

Reducing Dashboard Reflections

Riding The Office Equipment Boom

Constructing an SMbus temperature Monitor

Picket spacing calculator

Building A Cubby House ( Play house )

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