This is what can happen when you drop or perhaps tip over some types of cordless electric jugs.

A child was scalded recently in our street (in a bath) and in the discussions that followed an accident with a jug was mentioned. Looking at our jug I could see that it had a possible safety problem like the old crockery jugs from 25 years back. The main problem was that the lid had no totally secure locking system just some small bumps that may not engage as strongly as the jug ages.

As I do not need to often open the jug I decided to screw the lid on. 

Show how screw is fitted

With a stainless steel screw each side the lid is securely held shut. 

Jug showing screws fitted

Another brand of jug. Note the small rounded bumps that keep the lid down.

Another brand of jig showing small bumps that retain lid.

My wife complained, that when she lifted the jug, the base came up with it and almost pulled it out of her hand as she moved the jug to the cup.

The base had almost no weight so there was little to cause it to detach and if it did stick and you were not looking you could not feel any problem until it was tugged by the cord. Adding some rolled up lead sheet was an improvement with the side benefit that the base tended to stay where it was put on the bench.

Jugs are available with securely latched tops with some sort of button or lever to operate the lid and they appear to be much safer.
The top jug above could be filled with the lid shut but some with filters need to be opened to fill them so screwing down the lid is not an option. 

The plastic of the jug above started to disintegrate with age where the steam exited above the spout and was replaced by a jug that had every convience and safety feature that I could think of.

Braun jug     Features of our new BRAUN® jug
     Removable filter
     Multiple entry points in base for just the correct length of cord
     Fill gauge on both sides for use with either hand
     Centre base connection means no base sticking when lifting and
     Jug can be positioned for either hand while cord exits towards wall socket
     Lid can be opened for cleaning/inspecting
     Secure locking lid
     Lid lock in convenient position while holding handle
     Lid must be locked for power switch to operate
     Switch will not lock on if the jug is off the base.
     Power switch in convenient position when gripping handle
     Plastic body ensures electrical safety and less chance of accidental burning
     I congratulate BRAUN® on a design that has every feature that I want
     and feels good to hold and use. I would prefer a white AC lead
     and my wife would like less noise when boiling.  

The only problem that has shown up in use is the separation of the clipped together gray plastic section near the switches.

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