How to give your cat a pill (tablet) the easy way ---- If you are lucky

Our latest cat Gracie has managed to survive for 8 years without a getting a claw induced abscess but I guess that the added weight of her first collar slowed her down just enough for her to get caught by a right hook. I noticed she was not well and ran my hands all over her while looking for signs of distress but was not thorough enough (do you blame me). The next day blood was visible so it was off to the vet for an overnight stay.

The vets work was not pretty but it healed in week.

This type of problem was common with our ginger tom Charlie (on the front not the rear,--- he never retreated). The treatment usually required giving him tablets and the method we developed is one reason for this tale.

3 bite sized cubes of meat were prepared with the dreaded tablet inserted in a small cut in number 2. He was shown the first cube of meat with lots of encouragement "Yummy Yummo--Who's a lucky boy etc. etc.". Then given it. When he swallowed he was given the laced cube but, (and here is the trick), before he had the time to check it out he was presented with the third cube ----- now what could he do but gulp the laced cube down to go for the last bit. This scheme always worked and it also worked on our next cat the timid and picky Gracie. My grand kids are now using this method on their cat Meow Meow with complete success.