This is a sequence showing the grain bread as it progresses through the baking cycle.
This loaf used 2 teaspoons of the ascorbic acid  bread improver mixture.
Although the lid was opened only breifly to take the pictures it did make some difference to the quality of the loaf.

Empty to show depth.

Mix up before start using non metallic tool.

1m   Mixing in progress.

2m   Kneading  started , ball forming.

3m   Ball forming well.

6m   Machine turned off at power point and ball being felt.

15m   Kneading.

45m  Kneading finished.

75m   Showing some rise.

105m   More rise.

115m   More rise.

125m    More rise.

145m   Baking has started

165m   Baking continues.

185m   Finished.