Breville BB290 and BBM300 Bread Machines.

Seven years ago I selected the Breville BB290 on the basis of a good Choice review.

I have come to appreciate the upright square loaf that it makes. The square slices (approx. 13 x 13 cm) fit in my toaster.

and make neat sandwiches (that are a bit big to easily fit into a Tuperware box).

Sandwich in box

After 7 years of service making all the bread for 2 people the bread pan developed cracks around the rivets.
The oil that I always added first sealed the cracks in the pan as they were forming and it was still useable as shown.
Cracks in breadpan

The spindle needed continuous applications of vegetable oil to keep it free.
Inspection of the non stick coating on the paddle and pan showed some loss and replacement was warranted for this reason alone.

Wear on paddle

A replacement paddle and pan was going to cost around $100. As the BB290 was discontinued I opted instead for a new BBM300 at a discounted $147 delivered.

The two machines are basically the same with the BBM300 now featuring stainless steel on the outside. As far as I can see all the mechanical parts are the same.
I will keep my old machine as should some other part of my new machine fail I can resurrect my old one with the pan and paddle from the new one. The control panel has been updated with a new setting for Gluten Free and an option of selecting loaf sizes of 1kg or 750g. The BB290 only had programmes for 1kg. 750g loaves were accommodated by removing the loaf some minutes before the end of the bake cycle. The overall cycle times for the BB290 match the times for the 1kg setting on the BBM300 so transferring recipes should be no problem. The bake only setting can now be set up to 2 hours (up from 55 minutes). In the updated manual there has been some fine tuning of the recipes for 750g loaves and the addition of a warning to place the paddle in a vertical position before adding ingredients. You should do this if you use the BB290. Full timings for the settings are now shown.

I baked a loaf using the recipe for Laucke multigrain mixed with bread flour shown on my bread page and the result was the same as with the BB290.

I think 7 years is a fair run for the bread pan and the paddle. At $100 replacing them when needed adds about 20c to 30c to the cost of a loaf, that and the power used of around .36 kWh (about 7 cents worth) should be taken into consideration if you want to cost a loaf of your bread.

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