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30 Low Sodium Dinners

A low sodium breakfast is made easy by the many available low sodium cereals. Lunch is more of a challange but if you have NAS bread on hand or can prepare a salad there should be no problem.  Dinner as the main meal of the day will be where most of the sodium lurkes.

Below is what we eat for dinner. There are only two in our household so we often make a larger amount of a dish and freeze it in two or three 2 serve portions for later use. What may seem a complicated dish is actually a few minutes work with the microwave on 2 out of the 3 times we have it.

Three sized Plates

Our meals are entrée sized (front plate) as I battle the bulge. I discovered that plate size has increased over the years. With our old patterned plates the fancy edge encouraged  you not to over fill them. Perhaps plates should have a plimsoll line.

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NAS = No added Salt.

Dinner1#1.   Seared kangaroo or beef fillet (Roo from Woolworths or Coles),Sweet potato in curry sauce, Microwaved potato, Beans Tomato & onion.  We just love kangaroo fillets. For a product with a low fat level of  ·7g/100g they are really juicy. I marinade in olive oil then sear them for 2m 30s each side in the only pan I have that can stand the very high heat, an Indian tawa. See unleavened bread making.  They are then rested for 4m covered in foil.

Dinner 2#2    Traffic light rice and Sweet & Sour Pork. 600g of pork and a home made sweet and sour sauce when combined with rice  makes an easy low sodium meal that can serve 6. A little added home made chilli sauce spices it up.

dinner3#3    A roast of heart smart beef and vegetables, The meat was cooked in a oven bag with a small onion, 2 teaspoons of Italian herbs and 2 cloves of garlic and the required 1 tablespoon of flour. The pumpkin, sweet potato and potato were laid on baking paper and sprayed with olive oil cooking spray. The considerable juice in the bag was roughly strained, 1 heaped teaspoon of corn flour added and boiled in a pot with a dash of Parisian essence to colour. The remaining meat from the meal was divided in two and half was frozen for later sandwiches.

dinner 4#4     Chicken Balls  with a packet of "Steam in the bag" type frozen vegetables. I make up the chicken balls and freeze portions for later use. A quick dinner can then be made with the microwave.

dinner5#5    Schnitzel and salad.  The beetroot was Coles NAS variety (sadly no longer available). There is little sodium in the pineapple. The dressing was an NAS Maleny product but lemon juice and olive oil would be nice instead. The crumbs were from NAS bread (dried in oven and kept on hand) but you could use Matzo meal or another crumb product from my website. Cooking a schnitzel is a very quick process just coat in flour with a little pepper (in a plastic bag) then coat with beaten egg then crumbs then into a pan with some oil for a few minutes then press with a paper towel to remove excess oil and onto the plate.

dinner6#6    Hamburger.   If you make your own bread then why not make some hamburger buns. Otherwise toast some low sodium bread.  I use ready made low fat hamburger (plain meat) patties but you can make your own from mince steak. If the patties come with a spice pack discard it.  You can add NAS  Coles beetroot, pineapple, an egg, onion, NAS tomato sauce or my  BBQ sauce.

Dinner7#7    Tabooli with hummus. Salad dressed with balsamic vinegar. Kangaroo meat balls (recipe from the mince pack) coated with rice crumbs. The meatballs are made in a 1kg batch divided into meal portions and kept frozen for quick meals.

1/2 Pie and baked vegetables#8     Half a Four and Twenty Lite pie with baked vegetables. Potatoes were pealed and microwaved for 8 minutes. The potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potato were then placed on baking paper and sprayed with olive oil cooking spray and baked for 2 hours at 150C. The frozen pie was microwaved for 3 minutes until hot then placed in the oven for about 6 minutes to crisp while the frozen peas were microwaved. The plate contains 302mg of sodium. 280 mg from the half pie 22mg from the 320g of vegetables for a combined 75mg/100g.

Simmer Sauce chicken and rice.#9     I show some reduced salt simmer sauces. The sodium  levels will be halved if you add an equal weight of boiled rice. Shown with brown "microwave in packet" rice. I have added some home made Tamarind Chutney.

Dinner 10#10    A quick way to use up excess baked vegetables. NAS Sausages, Baked beetroot, sweet potato, pumpkin. Woolworth's ready to microwave potatoes and Tomatoes zucchini and onion (fry onion in a little olive oil, add sliced zucchini and sliced canned or fresh roma tomatoes and cook covered until soft).

Tacos#11    Tacos are quick and easy and for a change these were vegetarian. A can of NAS Woolworths kidney beans somewhat drained was spiced up with Masterfoode mexican chilli powder and mashed about with a potato masher while being fried in a little oil. The bottom of each taco was covered with the seasoned refried beans, chopped tomato, shredded lettuce, onion, 25g shredded Nimbin cheese (total for 4 tacos)  and a dollop of  Jill's Cuisine tomato relish to finish.

Dinner #12 fish and chips#12    Oven baked Fish and chips with some sort of salad. Tabooli is shown but we also use coleslaw made with Mayvers mayonnaise or a tossed salad. Crumbed fish that is slightly over 120 can be found in the over120 section and there are plenty of oven baked chips that are low in sodium and also low fat.

Dinner13 Omlet#13     Tomato and onion omelet with pepper, parsley and basil for extra flavour served with some NAS baked beans range with a little tomato zucchini and onion on the side. For the omelet the onion was fried a little before tossing in the tomato which was cooked a little to soften.

Dinner 14#14    Ricotta and spinach cannelloni made from the recipe on the San remo packet using a total 65g of Nimbin cheese (45g for topping) and Pantalica fresh ricotta cheese (130mg/100g) from Coles deli.  The sodium comes to 71mg/100g and doubling the Nimbin cheese would make it 86mg/100g Note the Nimbin cheese was weighed and not measured by the cup as per the recipe.

Dinner 15#15    Poached fish with parsley lemon butter sauce, coleslaw, tomato. The hoki was poached in water with a cut lemon, bay leaves, peppercorns and parsley for 8 minutes and left to  sit in the water for 10 minutes. The sauce was a little butter, flour, lemon juice, parsley and a smidgen of sugar boiled down with some of the poaching liquid.

Salmon/tuna balls#16    Salmon & Tuna balls with oven baked chips and microwaved vegetables. The balls are made from NAS canned fish with a egg and some parsley and grated lemon rind. I keep frozen chopped parsley on hand.

Dinner17#17     Leg of lamb chop grilled or barbecued  with microwaved carrots and broccoli and some beans tomato and onion from my recipe section.

Dinner18#18    Roast chicken and vegetables.  Beware of ready roasted chickens as almost all will be seasoned not just on the outside but will have had flavour and salt incorporated into the flesh.

Dinner19#19    Baked wholemeal pasta spirals with spinach and tomato from my recipe section.

Dinner 20#20    Seared Roo or beef  fillets and bubble and squeak topped with NAS tomato sauce. An almost instant meal that uses up your leftover baked vegetables.

dinner21#21   Stir fried Hokkien noodles with chicken and vegetables.

Dinner22#22   Quiche, coleslaw using Mayvhers mayonnaise and salad. Both the named products are on the main page of the website.

#23   Tandoori chicken legs and vegetables. Wet skinned and slit to the bone chicken legs (1.5Kg) with lemon juice then marinate for a few hours in a paste of 500ml yogurt blended with chili, garam masala, ginger and garlic—about 3 teaspoons of each (less chilli) or to taste.   Place on a tray in a preheated oven at the hottest setting and cook for 30 minutes. Freeze the marinade for one more use only. Cold these also make the basis of a great lunch.

#24   Pumpkin & Spinach frittata from the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. Many of the recipes in the book can be adapted to low salt.

#25   Seared Tassal brand frozen salmon with salad.

#26   Chicken and Coriander Rissole. 500g chicken mince. Large bunch coriander and a handful of mint, chopped. 1 clove of garlic and 1 small chili, chopped. Mix and refrigerate for an hour. Use a non-stick fry pan or line a stainless steel pan with baking paper. Use a tablespoon to scoop and press the mixture onto the hot pan. Thanks to Tresea.

#27   Minestrone soup with parmesan toast.  Use your favorite recipe and leave out the salt and salty stock powders. A thick slice of NAS bread lightly toasted then buttered (NAS) and sprinkled with 1 level teaspoon of grated Parmesan cheese (sodium up to 1700mg/100g) then toasted on the top makes a tasty accompaniment.  The NAS bread and butter with the cheese results in a combination of  about 120mg/100g if you use over 50g of bread. Standard packet parmesan is about 1400mg/100g but fresh can be found that is half that. 

#28  Beef stew with microwaved  vegetables.  Floured gravy beef chunks were fried off with chopped celery, carrots, garlic and onion, deglazed with red wine then  pressure cooked for 23 minutes.

#29 Low Carb. curry.  Meat curry made from scratch using individual spices served on a bed of crumbled steamed cauliflower.

#30 Sweet Chicken  Casserole made from the instructions on the Maggi Balanced meal sauce packet of the same name. Maggi gives a sodium level of 110mg/100g for this meal and it would get 4 green lights in the traffic light system. There are 3 sauces in the range that have 110mg/100g see my main page of products for details.