Seyed Pooyan Sajjadi


           Senior Polymer Engineer & Researcher


          New South Wales, Australia| 


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§ Career Profile

S. Pooyan Sajjadi is an organized, passionate and hardworking Senior Polymer Engineer with great communication skills and extra-ordinary computer abilities. Former member of National Editing Committee for writing Iranian National Standards is a contributor to various technical journals as columnist and editor. Years upon years’ experience in Polymer industry has also enabled him to be a technical adviser on material selection, material / design evaluation, technical trouble-shooting, failure analysis/solving problems, plastics specification and expert witness (patent).

He is an expert in the following fields;

·                   Polymers Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Rheology

·                   Plastic Extrusion; Poly Olefines in Particular (PE & PP)

·                   Coatings Synthesis and Modification; specially Poly Acrylics

·                   Nano Material; namely UV-absorber Nano additives


§ Scientific Expertise

I started my education in Polymers with BSc in Polymer Engineering in AmirKabir University in 2001, where I studied various topics on Polymer science and engineering. Moreover, I gained precious working experience in industry as an Internship student and as an Industrial trainee where I worked on physical and mechanical properties of car coatings and Nano materials respectively. This was followed by working as a part-time researcher in Iranian petroleum Research and Technology Co. in 2006.

Having decided to deepen my knowledge on polymers; I continued my higher education in a master by research study in Polymer science joint board in Germany a year later in 2007. I performed my master thesis in the Technical university of Berlin, where I worked on state-of-art polymer processing ads and the topic was “Impact of die materials on the effect of new polymer processing aids for sharkskin properties”. My supervisor was Prof Dr M. H. Wagner who was the President of the German Society of Rheology 1991-2003, and he is Secretary of the European Society of Rheology since 1996.

I developed my knowledge on the synthesis of various resins on lab and pilot level in Resitan Co. P.L.C from 2009 to 2011, and successfully synthesised water based Poly Acrylic resin and then mastered formulating a paint system with that resins, including the use of many additives in that formulation. Later on in late 2011, I exploited my Master degree thesis scientific knowledge by working as a senior polymer engineer in Gostaresh Plastic Co. on Poly Ethylene (PE) extrusion and using various additives in the process. In fact, that was the subject of my MSc thesis in Technical University of Berlin which was thoroughly studied scientifically, and practised on large industrial scale.

I have spent year 2013 in Australia on finishing and publishing my book on “Additives in Water-Borne Coatings”, while simultaneously I worked as a technical consult for NuFurn Commercial Furniture Co and Epoxy FLooring Sydney. from June to October 2013 on troubleshooting their injection line and publishing a series of patents on Poly Propylene/Poly Ethylene core-shell system. As of now, I have been able to develop versatile knowledge on various aspects of polymer science; few are listed as follow:



Polymers Science


Polymer chemistry

Physical chemistry of polymers

Rheology of polymers



Plastic Extrusion


Poly Ethylene extrusion process

Poly Ethylene extrusion additives

Colour Matching for Acrylonitrile

-butadiene styrene (ABS)



Coatings Synthesis and Modification


Water based Poly Acrylic resin synthesis

Water based Poly Acrylic resin additives

Water based Poly Acrylic Paint formulation

Poly Urea resin synthesis

Solvent based Poly Ester resin synthesis

Stone-chipping property for car coatings



Nano Material


Anti-UV Nano additives for coating systems



§ Qualifications

Master of Science in Polymer | 2007- 2009

Joined Board of Four Universities, Technical University of Berlin, Free University, Humboltz University and University of Potsdam, Berlin, Germany.


Bachelors of Science in Polymer Engineering | 2001- 2006

AmirKabir University of Technology - Tehran Polytechnic, Tehran, Iran.


§ Publications 

Published Articles

í                   S. P. Sajjadi, “Impact of Die Materials on the Effect of New Polymer Processing Aids for Sharkskin Properties”, Journal of Material Science and Chemical Engineering, 2016, v 4 (09), p 17, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2016.49002

í                   S.P. Sajjadi, “Nano Technology, a revolution in the technology”, Journal of Polymer Engineering and Technology, 2003, v 5, p 21.

Published Thesis

í                   S. P. Sajjadi, “Impact of die materials on the effect of new polymer processing aids for sharkskin properties”, MSc Thesis, Faculty of Polymer Engineering, Technical University of Berlin, Berlin, 2009

í                   S. P. Sajjadi, “Effect of Nano-particles on weather-ability of Cured Carboxylated Polyester resins”, BSc Thesis, Faculty of Polymer Engineering, AmirKabir University of Technology-Tehran Polytechnic, Tehran, 2006


Published Book in Farsi

í                   S. P. Sajjadi, “Additives in Water-Borne Coatings”, 1st Ed, Arna Publications, 2013


§Affiliation/Professional Membership

Membership in Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia (APESMA) | March2013 - Now

Fellowship in National Editing Committee for writing Iranian National Standards in Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran | April 2011 – December 2012

Membership in Iranian Polymer Society |October 2001-Now

Membership in Iranian Colour Society (ICS) | October 2001-Now

Fellowship in Student Organization upon commencing BSc studies in AmirKabir University of Technology - Tehran Polytechnic | September 2003 – September 2004



§ Referees

Prof Dr –Ing M. H. Wagner; Professor, M. Sc. Supervisor, Berlin Technical University

Dr M. Mohseni; Associate Professor, B.Sc. Supervisor, Tehran Polytechnic University

Dr M. Mirabedini; Associate Professor, B.Sc. Supervisor, Iran Polymer and Petroleum Institute

Dennis Krawchuk; Director of NuFurn Commercial Furniture solutions Co., Sydney

Gavin Krawchuk; Director Manager of NuFurn Commercial Furniture solutions Co., Sydney