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A  guide  to  wheelchair accessible eateries in

Victorian Country Cities and Towns

5th Edition - July 1st, 2015

(updated annually)

"This is not just a guide for wheelchair users but for all foodies."

This is not just a guide for wheelchair users but for all foodies because it also includes food quality, service provision, price range, payment methods, hours of business and decor.

Recently it occurred to me that wheelchair bound people may be interested in visiting provincial cities and towns throughout Victoria and would have to wonder about the accessibility to cafes, restaurants and Hotel Bistros. I decided to undertake research and write this book titled ”Eating Out with Wheels - Victorian Country Cities & Towns“ 2012 edition.

As a somewhat self-confessed food critic, on the one hand I’ve tried to be fair to eatery owners and chefs, on the other hand I’ve been honest in my palette's evaluation of the food quality served.

In conclusion I have really enjoyed this exercise, I enjoy traveling and found the project a great challenge. I truly hope that you find this Guide useful and might encourage you to venture to Victorian cities and towns knowing that you will not have a problem finding an accessible eatery.

(Lucky) Phill Jury

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