Web Sites of Interest to Amateur Clockmakers


A great Youtube video site by "Clickspring". He has over 50 videos on various clockmaking processes that will delight you.


John Wilding's clock books. These books are perfect for the beginner and experienced alike. Many good designs, well illustrated.


Marc Tovar's site. Wood movement clock plans for sale.


Rick Hutcheson's site. Wood movement clock plans for sale.


Brian Law's site. Free wood movement clock plans. Has great 3D computer renderings of the finished clocks.


Mail order suppliers of a great range of clockmaking materials, tools, books and parts.


Camden Books (will have many book titles, including John Wildingís books)


Guy Lautardís site. US and Canadian clockmakers may get copies of Colin Thorneís books from this site which includes pictures of these clocks - very useful if you donít know what they look like!.


W R Smith's site. Purchase his books and three videos (on tooling for clockmakers, wheel cutting and graver making & hand turning). He can also supply John Wilding's books to American and Canadian clockmakers.


Mikes Clock Clinic site. A listing of suppliers of clock parts and repairers of clocks. Many references, USA mainly.


Kits for wooden clocks.


Downloadable plan for an all wooden grandfather clock. Great story behind the clock as well.


Brass and steel supplier for clocks as well as cut wheels and pinions for John Wilding's and Bill Smith's clocks. Books on clock design by Lionel Bowen and John Payne.


Mark Headrick's site. He is a professional watch and clock repairer in the USA with a great site with animations of escapements and a wealth of information. Well worth a visit.


Clayton's wooden clock site. Original designs in wood.


Clocks Magazine web site.

Know of more useful clock links not listed here? email me with details and I will include them in this list. Everyone will benefit.

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