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John Wilding's 8 day Wall Clock

picture of my wall clock

THis was the first clock I built and I am very pleased with the way it has turned out.

This one is the 8 day wall clock designed by John Wilding, for which a book detailing the construction is available. I have added maintaining power to this clock. It isn't much extra effort and is well worth while.

John Wilding writes very well and describes all the necessary set-ups, wheel cutting and turning at great length and I am sure that he has helped hundreds of enthusiasts get started in this hobby.

If you are a beginner you are well advised to get one of Wilding's clocks under way in your workshop.

I have finished the construction of the 8-day regulator designed by Alan Timmins. THis has an escape wheel of titanium (as pioneered by Richard Stephen) and ball races for the barrel. I purchased a 1mm bore ball race for the centre arbor but ended up not using it as it is far too small!

See also the clock designs page which lists many clock plans and books for those who would like to make a clock, but don't know which one they should attempt to build or where to get the information.

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Updated March-2016