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The Chenery 15cc vee twin engine

picture of the Chenery vee twin engine This is a very nice four stroke vee twin of 15cc capacity designed by Les Chenery and serialised in Engineering in Miniature starting in December 1983.

The engine was originally designed to be spark ignition but I made mine glow plug ignition and it works well.

The castings for the crankcase, cylinder heads and cam box were purchased from Hemingway Kits (England). The quality of the castings was quite acceptable. They can help with plans and parts (eg piston rings, spark plugs) for this engine and many others.

The carburettor I used on this engine is the one designed by Colin Jones and used on his 10cc single high performance glow engine (Model Engineer plan PE31). This is a well designed and easy to make unit with sensitive throttle control.

Making this engine was very straightforward. I have a few tips for those who are building this engine - email me for details.

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