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A site devoted to model engineering, miniature engines and amateur clockmaking including a data base of clock designs, clock plans and clock books for clock builders and the home shop machinist.

bullet Alan Timmins' Watchmakers Workshop Regulator
bullet Homemade Clockmakers Lathe
bullet 8 day clock to John Wilding's design
bullet "Chenery" vee-twin engine
bullet "Battiwallah" 3.5cc diesel engine
bullet "Breitsch" hit and miss farm engine
bullet "Sparey" 5cc diesel engine
bullet E T Westbury's 15cc four stroke petrol engine "Kiwi" Mk I
bullet Paul Magnier's Remontoire (1860)
bullet Converting a Bridgeport mill to CNC on a budget
bullet Restoration of a Colchester Chipmaster Lathe
bullet Construction of a Model Ransomes Sims & Jefferies Portable Steam Engine New February-2021
picture of Phil doing what he likes best
Me - making some more swarf. Note that the safety glasses were removed for the purposes of the photo.

I have set up this site for the interest of fellow model engineers, amateur clockmakers and home shop machinists. To all those who have an irresistible urge to direct their creative energies into making and crafting models and tools. Most of us love to own and look after tools that we use and have them of the best quality. We look after them and treasure them. We get wonderful satisfaction from making them and owning them.

A brief word or two about me. I am a retired mechanical engineer and until recently worked for a construction company in the water and wastewater and power generation industry. My home town is Sydney, Australia.

Over the years I have made a number of steam engines, a traction engine ("Minnie"), internal combustion engines, tools and other knick-knacks and have finished off an 8 day wall clock to a design by John Wilding, a "Watchmakers Regulator" to a design by Alan Timmins. A construction serial of this appeared in the "Horological Journal" in 1981. And I've completed a bracket clock with remontoire to my own design.

My interest in models has changed quite a bit since I first started out in the hobby. Having built a number of miniature steam and IC engines which were run a few times and then left on a shelf to collect dust, and a half-built locomotive in which I lost interest, I was diverted to follow up something more practical and useful. This is not to say that I have any regrets - I gained a lot of satisfaction and learnt many skills from those projects. Tools and clocks seem to fill the bill nowadays. Clocks have the advantage that they can become heirlooms. Perhaps they'll still be around in a hundred years time if they are made well enough that people want to look after them. A chance at immortality?

The latest project now is a model of a 6NHP Ransomes Sims & Jefferies Portable Steam Engine in 2.4" scale, or 1/5th full size. See photos on the link.

Re-visit soon for updates. 17-February-2021.

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