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Début at Belrose Country Music Club
The was my first ever performance in public and it was at the Belrose Country Music Club on Sunday 29th March 2009. Although it was a nerve racking experience I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was on a high for weeks afterwards.
The band from left to right George Siedleki (bass), Geoff Williams (vocal backing and guitar), Peter Eliot (lead vocal and rhythm guitar), Alan Ford (lead guitar), Joe Hassen (banjo), Daryle Hennessy (drums - but out of view), also out of view Nick O'Neill on Pedal Steel Guitar.
Peter now performs regularly at the Belrose Country Music Club and is a member of the resident backing band (rhythm guitar) at their monthly concerts.
Web link to Belrose Country Music Club
Peter's First Public Appearance
Manly Daily, February 28th 2010
Peter's Courage Pays Off, by Ron Bennett

BELROSE'S Peter Eliot said he'd been an avid visitor to the Belrose Country Music Club for about a year before plucking up the courage to get up on stage and have a shot
He'd learned to play guitar to back up his singing, something he'd been doing since a boy.
"I grew up in a children's home in the UK, from three to 15, and used to sing in the choir." he said. "Pre-1966 the only way to hear music in those days was to tune into Radio Luxembourg."
Peter is one of the performers on the bill of the first Belrose Country Music Club for 2010 on Sunday. Peter works in his own business in Hornsby, which is removed from country music, but has become a regular performer at Belrose. He has now lived in the area for more than 45 years. "Country music is the music I love." he said. "I'll listen to a song, learn it and make it part of my repertoire." His favourite performers are Hank Williams and Emmylou Harris.
Belrose Country Music Club founder Geoff Williams said it had grown and that it was something of a springboard for up-and-coming talent.
Manly Daily February 28th 2010
Peter's 2nd Gig at Glenaeon - Thursday's Happy Hour
I also like to perform other kinds of music like rock and ballads. The folk at the retirement villages love to be entertained and always sing along to the songs they know.
I play some of the really old songs, usually in a more modern style.
Peter Performs at Glenaeon Retirement Village 19th August
Carols By Candlelight - 23rd December 2009
It's always great to perform at public events and Candles By Candlelight is always 'The Best'
The Band lead by Geoff Williams included Peter Eliot, Brian Ridge and Paul Scott-Williams and as usual some of the youngsters joined in.
Carols By Candlight at Lionel Watts Park, Entertaining the Youngsters

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