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Peter Eliot born 1945 in Langham St, London W1. Interests are Work, Cooking, Playing Touch Football, Playing Guitar, Genealogy, Growing Vegetables, fishing. Peter is very keen to find others that went to Beechholme particularly between 1948 to 1961 Peter loves cooking (and drinking) and no matter what the recipe says it takes twice as long to make. Click for Recipes
Welcome to my World Peter Cooking and Drinking
This is Peter trying to impress his daughter Louise with his big fish. They always look bigger if you compare them to a small person. Seriously this Snapper was around 10lbs.
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I love to grow plants that you can eat. Sometimes it cost more than the vegetables on sale in the shops. Click for more Vegies
Peter the Snapper & Louise (Louise is the one on the right) Peter in the Vegie Patch
Peter working out at the gym. This is peter playing touch football. Looks like he is just about to score a try.
It's hard work, but worth it Sunday Morning Games

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