Peter's Relatives

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Photo taken in mid 2000
Left to right
Beatie 1919-2004
John 1928-2004
This one was taken at Stuart's 21st Birthday party.
You can contact Roy and Melisa by clicking
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Peter's Aunties with John Peter's Cousins Roy and Melisa

Madeleine Radigund Gertrude Eliot taken in Gisborne New Zealand in 2000.
Sadly Madeleine died on 21st June 2001.
I found her, but never got to meet her.
Douglas Raymond Eliot lived in Queensland
Doug died in March 2006
Photo taken in 2000.
Madeleine Radigund Gertrude (Bibi) Eliot Douglas Raymond (Buddy) Eliot

This is my father's oldest brother Edward Granville Eliot (1884-1974).
He was the senior member of our family line. He is pictured with his wife Mabel Elizabeth (nee Matcham) 1880-1968.
They had five children:
Eileen Gladys Eliot
Edward Granville Eliot
Madeleine Radigund Gertrude Eliot
Thyra Irene Vivienne Eliot
Douglas Raymond Eliot
Madeleine and Douglas are living.
This is a photo of Cecil Algernon Eliot taken in Malta pre 1945
I believe Cecil was older than my father.
Edward Granville (Fluff) Eliot II and Mabel Elizabeth (Matcham) Cecil Algernon (Juby) Eliot

This is my grandfather Edward Granville Eliot I 1856-1931.
He lived on the Isle of Wight and later at Southhampton.
They had eight children:
Edward Granville Eliot II
Mildred Maud C Eliot (Brider)
Cecil Algernon Eliot
Percival Lionel Eliot (Dad)
Olive Gertrude R Eliot
Gladys Elsa B Eliot (Roberts)
Winifred Eliot
Radigund Eliot
This is my Grandmother
Mary Catherine (Scott)
Edward Granville Eliot I Mary Catherine Scott

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