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Click here to link to the Banstead History Research Group Website
Members of the Banstead History Research Group maintain ongoing research into the history of the area, and have collated a substantial amount of archive material about Beechholme including many photographs. They welcome any memories, local stories, old photographs or pictures of Banstead or local villages. Contributors are able to upload their own images to, as well as comment on images uploaded by others
In December 2010, the Group published a new book on the history of the school, entitled 'Beechholme A Children's Village'.
Is available from The Ibis Bookshop in Banstead High Street or by post direct from the Banstead History Research Group.
To order a copy just mail, including the number of copies required and your name and address. The cost is 9.99 plus post and packing which will be advised on an individual basis. For further details of this new 112 page book and others published by BHRG, please visit

Click here to link to (Peter Higginbotham's) The Workhouses Website
The Workhouse often conjures up the grim world of Oliver Twist, but its story is also a fascinating mix of social history, politics, economics and architecture. This site is dedicated to the workhouse its buildings, inmates, staff and administrators, even its poets..
HINT: When you get to this site search for Banstead

Click here to link to Careleavers Reunited Website
CareleaversReunited is a site for people who have spent time in care to get back in touch with friends from their childhood. It is completely FREE to use and currently includes homes from seven different countries. The site is run by the Care Leavers' Association, which is an independent UK-based charity run for care leavers by care leavers.

Click here to link to the Friends Reunited Website
Find, reunite, contact old friends from school, work, college, university, neighbours, armed forces, expats.

Click here to link to the Childrens Homes discussion site
Interesting discussion site on groups.msn

Click here to link to History of Childrens Homes discussion group
Interesting discussion site on groups.msn

Phil Condon and his sister Pauline were at Banstead Cottage Homes (Beechholme) in 1936.
Phil recently published a memoir, one chapter of which covers their time at the home.
For details of the book please click this link "Circuits and Bumps" by Phil Condon
This is essentially a memoir of childhood and youth. The author's childhood is an unsettled one, including family bankruptcy, a period in an orphanage for the children, and then only three years as part of a "normal" family before the war breaks it up again. Yet, thanks largely to the mother, it is not an unhappy childhood; and the memoir gives an affectionate look back at life in pre-War London......