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This is Peter trying to impress his daughter Louise with his big fish. They always look bigger if you compare them to a small person. Seriously this Snapper was around 10lbs and was caught at Chorlies Reef (off Whale Beach). This photo was taken around 1975 and is the largest fish that I have caught. It weighed in at 48lbs, I've never managed to catch one over 50lbs. It was caught at East Reef which is located about 5km straight out to sea from Lion Island
Peter with a Snapper & Louise (Louise is the one on the right) Peter with a 48lb Jewfish (Mulloway)
I caught this one at Lord Howe Island. It was too rough to go out in the fishing boat the whole time we were there.
So I purchased a hand line and a few hooks and went fishing off a desolated beach. I kept letting out line and suddenly noticed I had come to the end of the line. Luckily it was securely tied at the end, because that was went I got the big bite. I played the fish by running into the surf to give the fish more line.
I don't go fishing very often these days.
Peter with a Spangled Emperor My Next Fish
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