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Puggles 1984 to 2001
Puggles the Chinchilla Persian came to us supposedly as a male cat, but when the vet told us HE was a SHE, we were pleasantly suprised. To start with she had a very grumpy disposition, but gradually she became more friendly (probably due to having her de-sexed). She would jump up onto any vacant lap and snuggle in for the evening, leaving great lumps of white fur behind. She lived to a ripe old age of 17 years. She died on Friday 25th May 2001.
Tribute to Puggles
Misty was a lovely cat, but she moved homes in her later years.
Our old cat Tibby gave birth to 6 kittens
We saw them being born, what an experience.
Misty the Tabby Cat 1984 to 1999
Puggles was a lovely looking cat.
Her mother was a pedigree and TV star.
We got Puggles from Pam Smith.
Puggles looks good here but as she got really old she stopped looking after herself and got a bit tatty.
Puggles the Kitten Grown up Puggles
We found Shelly when we were walking through the Red Gum Forest. She was just a tiny kitten and was covered in ticks. We took he to a local vet and since there was no record of a similar lost cat, we somehow decided to take her home. She is probably a breed know as a Maincoot because of the shape of her tail. Shelly became ill in 2005 and made the one way trip to the vets on 5th October 2005.
Cute Shelly Shelly 1990 to 2005 Cute Shelly Shelly 1990 to 2005 Huge Shelly
Zoe was three days old when we got her and her twin. Rod brought her home from work, where she was born to a stray cat.
Susanne and Louise bottle fed her and she bonded so well she thinks she's a human.
Zoe is a very small cat and has inherent her mothers feral qualities. Unfortunately she doesn't realize other cats are bigger than her when she picks a fight.
Weeny Zoe Fully Grown Zoe