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Church in 1935

This picture apperaed in the December 1935 edition of the Banstead Residential School Magazine.

note the hanging lights, not apparent in later photographs

The Chaplain at the time was Hamilton Barr.

The following is the text relating to the photo.

Chapel Items.

Chapel Renovation. Old scholars visiting the School and entering the Chapel will agree that it has taken on a new appearance. Not for many, many years has the Chapel received so thorough a cleaning and re-decorating as that which it has undergone recently. The renovation covered a period of eight weeks, and now with new Chancel curtains, carpets, hassocks and other furnishings the Chapel has been made to look really beautiful. During the period of the-decorating, etc., the Sunday services were held in the Gymnasium.

Organ. Writing in the last Magazine, we said that the matter of installing a new organ in the Chapel was receiving the fullest consideration of the School Committee. We are now happy to say that the installation took place early in the year. We are delighted to have this new instrument, but must leave it to Mr. Grizelle (Organist) to tell you the interesting things about its construction.

Choir. While we congratulate ourselves on having a new organ in the Chapel, all will join in congratulating the Choir boys on their success at the Musical Festivals at Wallington and Sutton. They obtained the highest number of Points for choral singing and the second highest for ensemble singing. These are the first successes of our Choir boys in open competition with other choirs. We have had a good number of anthems during the year, and on occasions like Easter, Whit Sunday and Harvest Thanksgiving services, special anthems and musical settings to Canticles and Psalms. There are twenty boys in the Choir, and these, with twenty probationers, meet twice weekly for rehearsals.