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Old Boys Reunion - 1934

Old Boys' Re-union, 1934.

The second Annual Re-union Dinner was held on Saturday, December 15th, at the White Horse Hotel, Holborn. At 6.30 p.m. the lads began to assemble, and at 7 o'clock a company of seventy sat down to a splendid meal, the Superintendent, Mr. Hattersley, presiding. After the usual toasts and a few brief speeches, the company listened to an excel­lent entertainment, interspersed with many reminiscences and informal speeches. A photograph of the assembled com­pany was taken, a reproduction of which appears in this issue, together with a list of those present. During the evening a scheme was inaugurated to assist those Old Boys temporarily out of employment, but I am happy to state that up to the time of going to press, the Secretary has received no appeals for assistance. We are greatly indebted to Mr. Hattersley, and to Mr. C. G. Lee, for the splendid arrangements made for the dinner.

The following were present:­

Present Staff: G. Hattersley, C. L. G. Rayner, Rev. H. Barr,F. W. Cutts, R. J. Frost, A. E. Noble, D. G. Smith, W. R. Waldron.

Former Staff: C. Campbell, J. Fisher, W. A. Hutchinson.

Old Boys: C. F. Phipps, F. Shelton, N. Palmer, H. Leadley, J. Foster, A. Shears, G. Shears, R. D. Waters, R. Pharant, Lieut. D. W. Jones, W. Hodder, R. J. Hodder, A. Sweetland, K. Croft, F. Brittain, G. Stevens, C.T. Derrick, B. H. Franklin, E. J. Collins. J. Batchelor, B. Loons, W. F. Simpson, E. A. Craddock, C. Brittain, C. G. Lee, E Tregonning, --. Elliott, T. Crook, R. Bramley, D. O. Paul, E. Mobey, A. G. Davis, W. T. Cobb, C. A. Rush, T. A. Rush, W. Coleman, K. E. Donaldson, E. A. Cherry. G. Simpson, W. R. Prior, N. E. Powell, F. Stuckey, D. A Cameron, H. Donahoo, H. Hatch, F. Eatwell, W. H. Douglas, T. Stapleton, A Hewitt, F. Boyden, A. Heathcote, E. Woodman, W. J. Rumens, W. Clancy, W. Luetchford, W. Gardiner, C. Crook, E. W. Bowers.