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Beechholme to Close - 1972

c. 1972

An important new scheme to end the heartache of children going into council care miles from the district they were brought up in has been approved by Wandsworth Council.

The council's 100-year-old home at Banstead, Surrey, would be replaced with 12 new children's homes situated in the borough as community homes, where children would be able to keep their same circle of friends and keep at the same school.

And as part of the agreement developers Rush and Tompkins Developments Ltd. would finance the building of 12 new children's homes in Wandsworth in return for the 30 acres at 'Beechholme' - the Banstead home - plus a cash settlement.


This means that the developers would pay the council an exchange value of between 915,000 and 1,065,000 for the 30 acres with planning permission and depending on the permitted housing density for the land, minus the cost of building the 12 children's homes - estimated at 777,000.

In addition the company would be granted the option of buying another seven acres of land adjoining the Banstead site for which planning permission is at present unlikely.

It is thought that the 12 children's homes in Wandsworth could be completed by July 1973.

Chairman of Wandsworth's Social Services Committee Ald. Miss Gwynneth Morgan said, "By this arrangement the council will achieve in less than three years what it has long set its mind to, but to which it thought could well take over 12 years."

The new scheme would also cut down running expenses and help the council to concentrate more on child care in the borough.