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Dilly Braimoh TV Film - after 1975

An old boy from Beechholme is helping to make a film for Thames TV about the children's home.

Dilly Braimoh, a freelance journalist from St James Road, Sutton, spent most of his young life in the London County Council children's home which used to occupy a 38 acre site in Fir Tree Road, Banstead.

It closed in 1975, after nearly 100 years and was demolished to make way for housing development.


The idea for the film, which will be shown in late October, came from Dilly who thought it would be interesting to trace some of the youngsters brought up up in the home and discover how their lives had been affected.

His own memories are happy ones and he says he probably got a better start in life at Beechholme than he might have otherwise.

Some of the film's subjects feel the same way and have done well for themselves, but one ended up in jail and another now has his own children in care.

Dilly is trying to find old pictures of the Beechholme building and anyone who thinks they can help should contact the "Advertiser" on Epsom 22245.