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**UPDATE** Information has been added to the web site outlining details for viewing the BBMF Lancaster at the EE138 crash site in Stadil and on ground at the Billund Airport:

Click here to see details of the BBMF Lancaster fly past and Danish Liberation Ceremony at the EE138 Crash site on 5/5/11

Click here to see details of the BBMF Lancaster viewing at the Billund Airport on 6/5/11

On the 30th March 2011 the BBMF confirmed the Danish Lancaster fly past and further updated their web site with the 2011 display information for April and May 2011, this information includes a downloadable spreadsheet. Please click here to visit the BBMF web site:

The 2011 BBMF Danish application was managed by RAF Sgt Mark Frisby the Assistant to the British Defence Attaché in Copenhagen, with the support of the 5 member Denmark Team.

In a recent email, Sgt Frisby’s advice to the relatives and friends of EE138 and the Stadil community is “I am delighted to confirm that the bid to get the BBMF Lancaster to overfly Jutland has been successful….the bid is very similar to last year with the addition of a fly through of Esbjerg on 06 May 2011”.

The local Stadil Vedersoe community has published information concerning the 2011 BBMF fly past on its website:

The Ringkøbing Skjern Daily Newspaper has also published an article on the 2011 BBMF fly past on their website:

Of interest is that a bid application was submitted to the BBMF for a 2011 fly past of 460 Squadron Lancaster EE132 AR-G2, which was also lost on the Berlin Operation of 3/4 September 1943. EE132 crashed in Holland, and like the Stadil E138 site and other Danish crash sites, has never been visited and saluted by the BBMF Lancaster. The Commanding Officer of the newly reformed RAAF 460 Squadron provided support for this application, and hopes to provide an RAAF 460 Squadron representative at both the EE138 and EE132 fly past sites on the 4th and 5th May 2011. Relatives of FO Forrester from Lancaster EE138 provided assistance and support to R. Spence relative of Lancaster EE132 submitting the Holland bid, and we are pleased to advise that the Holland Lopik BBMF fly past has been approved and ratified. Read here for details of the 2011 EE132 Holland bid.

2011 DANISH BBMF FLY PAST ROUTE in detail (amended on 9/4/11):

The following series of 3 maps outline the proposed flight path of the BBMF Lancaster PA474 across Denmark. These maps have been kindly prepared by a relative of EE138 navigator Warrant Officer Carthew.

Accompanying the maps, is a table of flight path details showing the scheduled time for the low level fly past over some sites, the site name and latitude and longitude. These details have been provided by RAF Sgt Mark Frisby from the 2011 BBMF Danish bid application. ALL TIMES ARE LOCAL DANISH TIME.

After several discussions with BBMF, the bid for the Lancaster fly past over Fyn and Jylland on 05/06 May 2011 has been amended. Unfortunately the original bid was a little ambitious and would have taken the crew beyond their permitted flying hours/fuel allowance. Thus the bid has been amended as per the following schedule. Fortunately the key sites will still be flown over at low level (500 ft) and the crew will still fly over Esbjerg on 06 May 11. The times have also been brought forward due to the crew being required to attend another air show on 06 May 11. Sgt Frisby has apologised for any changes people may have to make to planned programs but he has been assured that the crew will do their very best to stick to the amended program (subject to weather conditions and aircraft serviceability).

The first map shows the route of the BBMF Lancaster entering Denmark on the 5th of May 2011 from the first fly past site at the Drejø Kirke through to the crash site at Randbol later that day:


Event start

Event ends

General Location

Grid Ref


1320 (L)


Arrive in Danish Airspace (from Holland)





Drejø Kirke, Kirkevejen, Drejø, DK-5700 Svendborg

Lat 54.969344
Long 10.419564


1330 (L)
(low level 500 ft)


Svendborg Kirkegårde, Valdemarsgade 71,
DK-5700 Svendborg

Lat 55.0569
Long 10.6038




Nyborg Assistens Kirkegård, Frisengårdsvej 15, 5800 Nyborg

Lat 55.318
Long 10.7864


1348 (L)
 (low level 500 ft)


Kirkegaardskontoret, Falen 40, DK-5000
Odense C

Lat 55.39133
Long  10.372581




Middelfart Søndre Kirkegård,
Vesterløkke Alle 5-7, 5500 Middelfart

Lat 55.504093
Long 9.717767




Christianskirken, Christiansvej 4,
7000 Fredericia

Lat 55.579692
Long 9.757661


1408 (L)


Randbøl Kirke, Randbølvej 69,
DK-7183 Randbøl

Lat 55.6984
Long 9.2516


1409 (L)
(low level 500 ft)


Crash Site Memorial Stone, Randbøl

Lat 55.7272
Long 9.486

The second map depicts the route of the BBMF Lancaster on the 5th may 2011 as it continues from the crash site at Randbol to the overnight stop at Billund Airport:


Event start

Event ends

General Location

Grid Ref


1409 (L)
(low level 500 ft)


Crash Site Memorial Stone, Randbøl

Lat 55.7272
Long 9.486




Ådum Kirke, Strømmesbølvej 22, Aadum,
DK-6880 Tarm

Lat 55.875
Long 8.5947




200 m east of Ådumvej 6,
DK-6880 Tarm

Lat 55.9025
Long 8.5359




Dejbjerg Kirke, Bundsbækvej,
DK-6900 Skjern

Lat 55.9995
Long 8.4202




Haurvig Kirke, Sønder Klitvej 109,
DK-6960 Hvide Sande

Lat 55.9391
Long 8.1663




Lyngvig Kirke, Holmsland Klitvej 34,
DK-6960 Hvide Sande

Lat 56.0455
Long 8.1206




Nysogn Kirke in Kloster, Klostervej 74,
DK-6950 Ringkøbing

Lat 56.1273
Long 8.1791


1430 (L)
(low level 500 ft)


Stadil Crash Site

Lat 561923
Long 8.1833




Husby Kirke, Græmvej 1, 
DK-6990 Ulfborg

Lat 56.2819
Long 8.1767




Sønder Nissum Kirke, Kirkebyvej 1B,
Sønder Nissum, DK-6990 Ulfborg

Lat 56.3067
Long 8.1849




Nørre Gørding Kirke, Fjordvejen,
DK-7570 Vemb

Lat 56.3386
Long 8.3035




Fjaltring Kirke, Rubyvej 1, Fjaltring,
DK-7620 Lemvig

Lat 56.4761
Long 8.1317


1500 (L)


Lemvig Kirkegaard at Ydunslund 2A,
DK-7620 Lemvig

Lat 56.502
Long 8.2981


(low level 500 ft)


Helligsø Kirke, Vestervej,
DK-7760 Hurup Thy

Lat 56.7016
Long 8.3471


(low level 500 ft)


Odby Kirke, Gammel Landevej 2A,
7790 Thyholm

Lat 56.6057
Long 8.523


(low level 500 ft)


Struer Kirke, Kirkegade 42,
DK-7600 Struer

Lat 56.4871
Long 8.5935


(low level 500 ft)


Idom Kirke, Burvej 5B, Idom,
DK-7500 Holstebro

Lat 56.3362
Long 8.4812




Skarrild Kirke, Kirkepladsen 5, Skarrild,
DK-6933 Kibæk

Lat 55.9763
Long 8.8975





Lat 55.9158
Long 9.3183



1525 (L)

Billund Airport (Cimber Hangar)

Lat 55.7463
Long 9.1492

The third map shows the route of the BBMF Lancaster on the morning of the 6th May 2011 from Billund Airport to its last fly past in Denmark- Sønderho Kirke, Fanø, before continuing its journey and returning to base at RAAF Coningsby in the UK:


Event start

Event ends

General Location

Grid Ref


0930 (L)

1030 (L)

Static Display, Billund Airport
(Cimber Air Hangar)

Lat 55.7463
Long 9.1492


1130 (L)


Depart Billund Airport



1140 (L)
(low level 500 ft)


Fovrfeld Gravlund, Gravlundvej 1,
DK-6710 Esbjerg V

Lat 55.4921
Long 8.4155




Sønderho Kirke, Sønderho Strandvej 1,
DK-6720 Fanø

Lat 55.3552
Long 8.4655



1150 (L)

Return to UK (Depart Danish Airspace
1200 (L)


The above will be updated as new information is made available.



Click here for details on the 5th May 2010 Stadil Crash site event.

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