Victoria page


Victoria has hundreds of Wineries and lots of mini climates, which enables the winemakers to grow many different grape varieties. This results in a diverse range of wines available from this state.

This page of mine is only a small representation, but will keep growing.

A special thanks to the winemakers on this page, for without their cooperation this would not have been posible.

Brown Brothers of King Valley

Bullers Calliope of Rutherglen

Chateau Tahbilk of Goulburn Valley

Coldstream Hills of Yarra Valley

Four Sisters of Ararat

Landragin of Ballarat

Nicholson River Winery of Gippsland

Pfeiffer of Rutherglen

Taltarni of Pyrenees

Water Wheel Vineyards of Bendigo

Windy Ridge Vinyards of South Gippsland

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