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I can strongly recommend this software,

having used it for some years now.



"The Wine Labels World" Label Site

WARPA! is a non-profit
initiative from and for wine lovers worldwide, it's free and made by
The main idea for the site is to collect votes or ratings from wine
lovers on the wines they like best, and to show that data so other people
can get suggestions for wines they ought to try. And specially for wine
label collectors, they have built in some features such as describing the
graphical label with keywords, and the ability to exchange requests for
paper labels in this forum.

Philippe Raynaud's French Wine Site

Largely dedicated to the graves de vayres wines.
"en français" also in English


Sven Heyckendorf creates winelabels for redbikini design.


Richard Samolyk's Label site


The A.I.C.E.V. site

Angelo Musanti's Label site

An A.I.C.E.V. member

Gioacchino Sciortino's Label site

An A.I.C.E.V. member (Italian only)

Roberto Baruffini's Label site (Italian only)

Helen & Orlando's

private wine collection in an exclusive medieval wine cellar in Siena

Michele Tregnaghi

Yuji Asanuma's Label site ( in English ) ( in Japanese )


Joe Barwell's Wine Tasting notes


Alan Low's miniture bottles collection site


Cesare Baroni Urbani's label site

200 years of wines of the world

Hundreds of nice wine labels from the whole world

Ernst Beyeler's label site


Mike Kellstrand's Wine Label Gallery 

Art & Betsy Strathmeyer Label page

Eric Anderson's Label collection pages

and lots of information on Californian wine

Gary & Diane Davey's

Red Kangaroo Wines


Peter May's Unusual Label site

Pinotage club site


You can get lost in here enjoying yourself for hours, I have.

Thomas Marti's Wine related Links site,

One of the most comprehensive directories of wine sites on
the Internet today. There are links to 1000's of wine sites inside - wineries, vineyards, wine magazines, wine accessories, wine tours, wine shops, winemaking, wine clubs and more

The Winedoctor -
- Independent fine wine tasting, recommendations and advice -


Cyberbacchus Internet Wine Portal

Travel Envoy

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