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 I have tried to focus on the Artistic, Interesting or unusual labels that I have in my collection and bring them to you for your viewing pleasure

I have been collecting wine labels on and off for 30 years now, but I had not found anyone else sharing my hobby. Then while I was searching the Web, I found some people who are collecting wine labels. Some of these people have web sites. Well this has rekindled my interest to collect labels again. So much so that I am developing this web page as a tribute to the people who are artistically crafting the outside of the bottle as well as the contents on the inside.

Updated on 04.02.2004

Label of the Month

Catuaba. Brazil.

( I would only use a small glass for this wine ).

this will be updated every month

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Mike Kellstrands Label of the Month.

Fenn Valley Vineyards Fennville, Michigan, U.S.A.

this will be updated every month

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 I have placed the labels into different categories and they are:-

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