Zink Z-10 #1

1974 Formula Ford

Citation Engineering was formed in 1974 to market and manufacture all Zink cars, and eventually also took over all design responsibilities.

This is the first Citation built Zink, the first production Z-10 and the first Zink Formula Ford.

Citation began manufacturing Zink's with the Ed Zink designed Z10. Since then, ICP/Citation designed and built cars have won 12 SCCA National Championships 5 Formula Vee, 5 Formula Ford, and 2 Formula Continental plus 2 Super Vee championships. Our cars have also held innumerable track records, some of which still stand or have only recently been eclipsed.

This is the first production Z10 produced. There was a prototype built by Ed prior to Citation constructing this car. As such this car represents a significant piece of US Formula Ford history. This car was owned by Citation Engineering owner Stephen Lathrop from 74 to 76 as it was the factory car it under went several changes and updates some not seen on other Zinks, such as fabricated front uprights of which there were only 3 sets ever made, Steve sold the car to Alan Lewis in 1976, Steve continued to prepare the car for Alan, as a result the car continued to receive the latest updates. Alan sold the car to Skip McCusker in 1979 Skip was again supported by Citation.

Ownership history


1974 Built by Steve Lathrop Citation engineering, First race at Moroso in 1974 photo below of first race from the ICP website









1974 Nose updated to slightly more pointy version (currently fitted) .


Article above is from mid 1975 as published in The story of Formula Ford, Click on each page for a larger copy


74-75 Fabricated front uprights fitted and updated front suspension (can be seen in the logbook photos), also new rear panel fitted

7/76 Sold to Alan G Lewis (of Gerber Plumbing) Painted Lime green



Late 1976 Front uprights changed back to VW (fabricated ones subject to cracking), Car repainted Tan to match Gerbers Plumbing fixtures colours which Alan Owned, bodywork updated to wider longer Zink tail and Butler tail depending upon the track. Top cowl updated to Butler top cowl. Car 39












79 Sold to Skip McCusker Painted white, fitted with side plates to Butler tail wing, also new pointy nose and a ground effects Zink type chisel nose designed by NASA , Butler ground effect side pods, . Sponsored by Red Roof inns Skip had good success with the car wining several races and coming Second in the 1979 Indianapolis Race Championship Series standings.


1980 Sold to Chip Meed and Larry Conner No changes to the car but Interesting owners Chip Meed raced champ cars and IMSA (Fabcar Porsche 2nd at Datona 24H 1st Sebring 12Hour and was awarded 1987 Porsche cup) . Chip was killed in 1993 in a Plane crash.

This was Larry Conners's first race car. He now races Schumacher's 1st world championship winning 1994 Beneton in historic racing in the US. .










I have not obtained much information for the period

1982 - 86

1/5/82 Brian Elliot (Airline pilot )

5/7/83 Alan Whitney

18/8/84 Jim (James) Miner

1988 Ed Smith (San Diego) Ed restored the car and fitted the required SCCA upgrades the front roll hoops and Fuel Tanks. He also changed the nose to Aero Swift style, fitted original Zink style sidepods in place of the Buttler pods.

1997 Roland V Johnson Roland runs a race preparation shop in California, He ran the car a couple of occasions however the car was mostly rented to Bob Swanson. Bob had it repainted all blue


10/2004 Ron Carrico Ron from San Diego , Ron continued to have Roland prepare the car after purchase. Photo below as ran by Bud Burns who rented the car from Ron at its last US race 8/2007


August 2008 Me.


At the freight forwarders awaiting shipping to Australia.

When purchased the car came with 2 different styles of noses and 4 different styles of rear panels. I have changed the nose back to the second version of the Zink chisel nose as it ran in 1975- 79 and have used the longer rear Zink style back as the wing on the back of the butler back would not be legal in Australia, all were used in the Historic Group Q period (1970-1977).

   Ready to race in Australia


The information above has been supplied by Steve Lathrop (Citation engineering), Skip McCusker, Roland Johnson and Ron Carrico. A big thanks to all for their information on the history of this car.


Ownership details have been taken from the 5 SCCA logbooks, Log book number one is missing this has been confirmed by Steve Lathrop, the first log book I have #2 starts in May 75 with the first race being 1975 June Sprints which Steve won in this car.

Various rear panels which came with the car.


July 08 I now have the CAMS Historic Certificate of description which is basically the certification the car is a historic race car and can compete in historic races.


Nov 2008 Winner Larner group Fa (pre 1977) Historic Formula Ford Festival