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The truck


The Truck
Australian Class 5
1970 model  Ford F100

Mid mounted Ford 351 Cleveland with
Motec Fuel injection .

C6 with Art Carr reverse shift manual valve body and nut cruncher gear selector.

Dana 60 with full floating axles and detroit locker.

Front Suspension
Ford Twin I beam with extended radius arms
14 inch Maloney racing shocks with remote canisters


Power steering fitted with 2:1 step up

Rear suspension
Kings Coil springs with trailing arms and A frame
14 inch Maloney racing shocks with remote canisters


Neal bias pedal

Ford F250

Toyota supra rear discs with commodore 4cyl front calipers.
 Fitted with adjustable bias.

Built By:
Bill & Norm
With assistance from Bob at Dynamic Race Fabrications



I will miss this car , but there is only so much room

Almost made it but not quite
The Buggy
Australian Class Nine (single seat) buggy.

This buggy was built with the best available at the time and has been updated since, This car has been 903 ( third Australian class 9 championships) it has been State champion and also runner up . It was on the CAMS About off roading brochure (see copy below ).


Chassis Hunter Rivmaster Class 9

Engine Nissan SR20 Turbo with intercooler, bottom end rebuilt one short course ago.

Injection Motec M4 fuel injection with Logging, Advance tune and Sequential injection.

Transaxle Renault R30 fitted with custom made crown wheel & pinion, and close ratio gears matched to engine. Note this is not one of the truck boxes this is far stronger and with correct diff and gear ratios

Rear Suspension Trailing arms with Albins fully floating hubs with 31 inch axles New wheel bearings, 3 x 14 inch Fox coil overs per side. Fox bumpstops, lots of travel

Front suspension Wright 4x4 front trailing arms large combos, 2 x 12 inch fox coil overs per side , Trick alloy front hubs and discs

Steering Wright rack fitted with UMP power steering

Brakes CNC Bias Pedal with bias adjustment cable, 4 wheel discs, twin handle CNC turning brakes.

Wheels Centrelines all round

This link is to the results of its last race, Milbrodale Mountain classic, (you will need to scroll down to find the event in the calendar) if you add up the times (car 914) you will find that despite starting last each heat on the Saturday As a result of a penalty for a jumped start in prologue (Qualifying) It was up to third on time and also third the road in the final race before clutch failure near the end of the third lap (Broken centre, now rectified and should not happen again), in The last heat you will see that only 3 vehicles recorded a uicker lap (and they were the front 3 who did not have to pass cars all the time I was having to pass more than 5 per lap and if you have ever tried that in the dust you will understand how much it slows you down waiting for a opportunity to do it safely.

Bellow is a link to some photos from this event


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