We have established the chassis is early Triumph Herald as is most of the running gear and thanks to a suggestion from Lindsay of TSOA. I now know the body is a modified Goggomobil Dart . For those who think I am crazy please click here to see a photo of some darts compared to this car from behind.

Information needed on the following historic car. It is a triumph Herald Chassis and running gear with a Goggomobil Dart body which has been modified to accept the front engined layout of the triumph. It is known to have been purchased from Geelong Victoria about 20 years ago before being disassembled as you see it now.

I am looking for any information people may have, unfortunately the previous owner has passed away and his family know very little about this car, any information you or may have would be greatly appreciated , I hope to rebuild it and race it in historic racing in Australia, however to do so I need to establish more information about it.

When we purchased it we were un aware of what it was derived from, I have since established it is a early triumph herald chassis and running gear which has had a modified goggomobil dart body placed onto it. We believe it has been a race car for several reasons (Besides the comptiton numbers on the sides) there is a catch tank glassed into the body at the front , all drain plugs have been lockwired the brake pedal is set up with dual master cylinders with bias it has had several sets of numbers and never appears to have had blinkers fitted front or rear, a smaller crankshaft pulley has been fitted and it has a hole in the rear body for a solo roll bar . Based on the layers of paint I suggest the rear flares were added at a later stage to the front modifications. The original paintwork prior to the flares appears to be a very good job there is also painted scroll lines and what appears to be a crest painted (it looks like a man on top of a rocket )on the side under the top layer(I am going to try to remove the top layer of paint which may reveal more information, the top layer of paint is a poor quality finish as are the flares. As you can see in the photos someone has cut doors into it then refiberglassed them in however this appears to have been a relative recent modification.


If you have any other information or ideas as to the history or manufacturer of this vehicle please contact Norm at normv2@tpg.com.au



Under the top layer of paint.