1984 Mako MkII Formula Vee

Here we have a 1984 Mk2 Mako Formula Vee, built by Frank Kleining for Peter Warren of Mascot Galvanizing

Photo above is Peter Warren at Amaroo Park in 1985. Note orriginal rolbar which CAMS reqired to be changed, The top is actualy day glo orange but the in the picture it looks red.

Subsequent owners

1987 Bruce Garland, of Off road racing fame

1989 Gill Slade With a baby Tim Slade,who is now a current V8 supercar driver.

1991 Ian Chivas ,long time Formula Vee association President. This was his first formula Vee.

1994 Bruce O'Donnel

1999 Neal Blacklock

2007 Me


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