1983 Daveric Mk5 Formula Vee

Here we have a 1983 Daveric MkV , this is the only MkV built it was originally Eric Marsh's car. Daveric was David and Eric Marsh. This car was first logbooked 4/10/1983.

Subsequent owners were

27/2/86 R. Keitley

22/5/90 Tim Emery

13/4/94 Jason Williams

1/12/95 David Croft

2009 Me


When I purchased the car it had not been race for 14 years, the photos below are as I purchased it. My intention is to get to up and running back as it was originaly and compete in the NSW state championship as a 1200, at some stage in the future I will apply for a Historic Certificate of Description, however at the moment it will run as a category 1 car.

On the start line with Eric Marsh driving


Here is a link to Daveric formula Vee's home page http://www.daveric.com.au/