How I made a Super Mud Flap

Here is a view of it on the car. Busselton Toyota washed it during it's service there. They did the service fine, but whoever washed it didn't bend down to far with the high presure nozzel! From memory, I made it 75mm from the ground when the camper was hitched on and airbags pumped up.

Right hand side showing how far it poked out. The rubber pokes out about 15mm past the end of the steel which ends in line with the wheels. I did that incase someone walked into it there would be less likelihood of an injury.

Right mounting. The bolted on diagonal supports were added when I realised the rubber needed some support. Could have welded them but at the time thought I'd have to construct the right hand side on the car because of the exhaust. Turned out it can be fitted when all together.

Left side. I removed the tie down hook and utilised the same bolt holes as there's matching ones on the other side.

Flipside of the exhaust end showing the oversize washers on the rubber and the flat steel that goes right across clasping the rubber for it's full length. I ended up having two mudflaps rather than one mono-flap to ensure there was airflow past the diff, not that I'm convinced it would matter. My father in law had a monoflap on his old Prado and never had any problems. For his new one, he converted his old one into one similar to mine.

Two things you can see from the photos. The rubber I used wasn't tough enough. I bought the thickest available at Clarks Rubber which I think was 10mm with inbuilt fabric strengthing. On both sides, it has torn directly behind the wheels which to me indicates that rocks have been responsible. If it was dragging on the ground then the section near the middle of the car would have been worn. That's my theory anyway! My father-in-law has conveyor belt for his and it stood up to being dragged around the countryside as he had made it without allowing for hitching up his van.

The other is the angle-iron where it mounts to the car chassis. I used some stuff I had lying around which would have been 50x50x6mm but it bent back both times we went thru some decent water crossings and a few times when going over speed humps. It bashed on them in what must have been a vertical action as it really thumped loudly in the car. It was surprising as one would think the rubber would just bend. I never thought to get out and observe just what was happening. Next time I've got it on the car and it does it I might do that. Whatever did it must have been a mighty force to bend it like that.

Anyway, hope you've found this interesting!