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The following vehicles have been identified:
Box Van:
Count: one vehicle
Road number: #114
  • Known as "Black Maria"
  • Built by Clyde Engineering Co. Ltd. on frame of new "Dreadnought" open wagon.
  • Stored at Newnes Junction after closure.
  • Disposal not known.
Builders Photo
Builders photo of the Box van at Clyde.
(Photo: Clyde Archives)
Box Van at Newnes Junction
Box van at Newnes Junction in the 1930s.
(Photo: Late EM Stephens)
Brake Vans (built new):
Count: two vehicles
Road numbers: #201, #202
  • Built new in England and assembled by Clyde Engineering Ltd.
  • Similar in pattern to Australian-built, government-owned "HG" brake vans.
  • Stored at works after closure.
  • Sold to AI&S, Port Kembla, in 1940.
Brake Vans stored at Newnes
(right) --->
Both vehicles stored at Newnes works, c.1937.
(Photo: Late EM Stephens)
Brake Van (ex-NSWGR):
Count: one vehicle
Road number: NSWGR # only
  • Disposal: Body removed from underframe and presumed scrapped.
  • Underframe may have been utilised for open or flat wagon within works. If so, was probably one of the sundries acquired by AI&S in 1940.
Ex NSWGR Brake Van
(right) --->
The ex-NSWGR brake van on a train descending into Newnes.
(Photo: TBA)
5-ton Travelling Crane:
Count: one vehicle
Road number: not numbered
  • Regarded as plant, not railway rolling stock, hence unnumbered.
  • Intended use appears to have been to replace worn out coking stills and other heavy lift tasks within the works.
  • Scrapped at Newnes, c.1956
Travelling crane stored at Newnes
(right) --->
Crane stored at Newnes works, c.1937.
(Photo: Late EM Stephens)
"E"-wagons (timber bolster sets) (ex-NSWGR):
Count: at least two sets (of two vehicles each).
Road numbers: NSWGR #s only (unknown).
  • These vehicles were permanently close coupled into pairs with a swivelling bolster on each vehicle.
  • Probably used, mainly in construction period, to carry rails.
  • Remains of two sets are still in the valley.
  • One set, that was stored at town station, possibly to AI&S, Port Kembla, in 1940. Otherwise it is one of those remaining in the valley.
'E' wagons at Newnes station
(right) --->
One pair of "E" wagons abandoned in the crossing loop at Newnes station in late 1930s.
(Photo: Late CCS Singleton)
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