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The following is a set of photographs of the old town of Newnes, nearly all of which has now disappeared.
Main shop group #1 Main shop group #2
This shows the main group of shops in the background and,
in the foreground on the other side of the Wolgan River, the railway station.
Another view of the main group of shops. Today, this area is still privately owned and is fenced, with two white fences marking the shops at each end in this view.
Old shops Shops in 1950s
Another group of shops was located nearly opposite the present site of the old hotel.
This photo was taken some time during the operating period.
From left to right is a greengrocer, butcher and (in later years) the Lithgow Co-op.
These buildings were still standing in the 1950s, when this photo was taken.
They were demolished in the 1960s and only the stone cellars of the centre shop
and some other brickwork, remain today.
Old school New school
There were two schools at Newnes, one built to replace the other.
The first school was in this one-room building located within the works area.
About 1910, this three room school was built on the hill west of the main
part of town. The two chimneys and some brickwork still stand.
Anglican Church Catholic Church
This is the Anglican Church at Newnes, also used by several other denominations.
It was located on the hill behind the present-day NPWS notice board.
The base of the chimney and the step into the vestry (right) survive today.
There were two churches at Newnes, the other being St James Catholic Church.
It was located on a freehold block, immediately south of the hotel land.
This area is still privately owned and a shed now stands on the site of the church.
Railway goods shed 'Engineers house' at Portland
This is a very early (pre 1910) photo of the railway station yard.
A hired Q-class locomotive stands outside the goods shed at Newnes town station.
In later days, this building was sometimes used as a local hall (for dances, etc.).
The main station is in the background.
The goods shed site is now a popular camping spot.
Most of the buildings at Newnes were removed and rebuilt elsewhere, usually as recycled building materials in a new structure. However, the "Engineers House", one of the company owned houses at Newnes, was removed to Portland, where it was re-erected, as seen here, without any major alterations.
This building has since been "modernised" with aluminium windows.
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