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The following is a set of photographs of the old hotel at Newnes.
View c.2006 Inside the kiosk
The old "Stammers Hotel", is the last surviving building
of the mining era at Newnes and is now over 100 years old.
This is a general view of the hotel on its present site.
A post 2000 photo of inside the kiosk (the old bar).
We now have electric lights thanks to the solar panels in the yard.
Work in progress Hotel on old site
The first group of solar panels (left) with the "Wolgan" cabin under construction. This now-finished cabin has been joined by two smaller cabins and a fourth cabin is currently being built. A view of the pub in the late 1960s.
What is now the verandah used to be the awning over the footpath.
Road past hotel on old site Rear of hotel, 1976
This photo of the hotel was taken in the early 1980s, prior to the big flood and subsequent move. It is early on a winter morning.
On the old site, the building was hard up against the road.
In 1976, the rear of the pub looked like this, with several out-buildings in the back yard and on the banks of the Wolgan River. Two years later, many of these structures were destroyed or damaged in a big flood.
Hotel after flood Lowering section of back wall of Hotel
During another big flood in 1986, the river moved and undermined the back of the hotel building. This photo, taken when the hotel was being moved to it's new site, shows the damage that resulted. The effects of the flood meant that the hotel building had to be moved. This was done by a group of volunteers, mainly over a single 3-day weekend in July 1987. Here one wall is being lowered.
Volunteers carting wall section Rear of hotel, 1976
The various sections of the structure were then carted to the new site for re-erection on a brand-new floor. This photo, taken on the last day of the move, shows most of the walls in position, with the roof going on. Termite damage required the construction of a new wall at this end of the building.
Rear of hotel, 1976
This photo was taken about 1989, shortly after the (by then) 82-year old building had been moved to its new location.
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